Male Gynecologists

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Are many male
gynecologists lust-ers
drawn to women’s
sexual lustre?

a. in many countries
the specialty of male gynecology
is considered a violation
of dharma, almost an oxymoron
b. when husbands are
excluded and their wives
subjected to intimate probes
by male gynecologists
anger and stress can result
c. male doctors were the cause
of hundreds of thousands of puerperal fever
deaths in the 19th Century as they
failed to wash their hands while going
from one examination to another
d. male gynecologists have tried
in many areas to outlaw midwifery
e. male gynecologists in the US do
more Caesarian sections than
in other countries… it is more convenient
for them to scar a woman and anesthetize
a child than to miss an appointment
with a financial consultant or golf partner
f. male gynecologists frequently order
testosterone shots to dry up the milk of
nonnursing mothers
without consultation or permission of
the mother
g. gynecologists in the US have been
imprisoned for deliberately maiming women…
from unnecessary mastectomies to
violent scarring
h. gynecologists have been imprisoned
for sexual imposition, fondling and rape
of their clients
i. Sandra Brown re a gynecologist:
‘Doctor open wide and say Ah’
j. Many gynecologists are ignorant of the
role of female hormone residue in meat, fish
and dairy products as a cause of breast, cervical,
ovarian, and other reproductive cancers.
k.In addition, their prescriptions for hormone
replacement with drugs such as Premarin derived
from the urine of imprisoned horses… are also
a cause of cancer.

-saiom shriver-



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