Stop Ranchers and Hunters From Exterminating Prairie Chickens

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With the help of ranchers and hunters,
the Clear Channel network and ABC Disney, both of which make billions in advertising drawn and quartered animal parts,
continue their campaign to wipe out species
including tortoises of Nevada and prairie chickens,
whose population was once in the millions and is now
18,000.  National Public Radio is advertising the Nature
Conservancy as well as using their spokespersons as guests,
despite the sad truth that the Nature Conservancy has, under
Henry Paulson of Goldman Sachs and former US Secreary of the
Treasury, turned its wildlife sanctuaries into cattle to slaughter operations.

The attorney general of Oklahoma, whose senators Inhofe and Coburn
sponsored the unconstitutional AETA Act, is a pawn of ranchers and is
actively opposing the protecion of endangered prairie chickens.

Ranchers have helped to destroy the fragile semidesert environment which has ‘stolen the morning dew and created blast furnace winds’ with 4 years of drought.

Hunters have nearly made
bison extinct with their
bloodletting religion.
They’ve erased the Carolina
parakeet from the earth
and blasted the passenger pigeon.
While these innocents’ souls
rose to God
their bodies were sent
to realms stygian.

Many have described the ‘flocking’ behavior
of the Carolina Parakeet. Like dolphins
they would not leave their hunter-injured
fellows and so their
demise was accelerated.

-s shriver-


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