19 Ways Antihealth Departments In Concert With CDC Drug Pawns Do Harm


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    1.Across the country, many health departments ignore the many salmonella and ecoli violations
at mega fast food outlets while bringing down great force on small operations.
2. In league with realtors, health departments bulldozed brick
homes, harassing homeowners as they attempted to create a scarcity
of housing and consequent high rents. Now with tens of thousands
of homes vacant in big American cities, the rent bubbles still have not burst.
3. Many health departments enforce compulsory mowing ordinances
which violate the first amendment. The EPA’s Chicago office was providing free
legal briefs to those wishing to fight anti-environment compulsory mowing.
4. In concert with the Centers For Disease Control, state and local health departments are promoting
Merck’s Gardasil for teens, alleging falsely that it prevents cancer. In reality it has killed dozens
of teen girls and destroyed the ovaries of countless others. The people of Texas united against Gov.
Perry’s attempt to make Gardasil compulsory. Now Governor Kasich in Ohio is aggressively promoting
Gardasil through his appointee to the Ohio Department of Health.
5. Health departments are eliminating fireflies, monarch butterflies,
dragonflies, and countless diverse species as they spray poisons in
the air of communities, poisoning the waters and air, violating
the will of the people and enriching huge chemical companies.
6. Health departments in concert with the CDC are deliberately
misclassifying Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Chicken, Mad Fish, Mad Deer
and other BSE deaths as meningitis, encephalitis, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, brain tumors etc.
7. Health departments are mandating that fast food and other restaurants cannot fill a thermos
of the customer with hot or cold drinks, but must instead use the establishment’s paper cups, thus
killing millions more trees.
8. Health departments have been involved in a genocidal war against
rats and have violated the spiritual beliefs of Franciscans, Buddhists,
Hindus, Sufis, Jains and many others whose religions teach that all life is sacred.
9. In many cities a mayor can use many agencies in a coordinated
attack against his political opponents. A disgruntled neighbor can activate
the local health department, building inspection, animal control, police, fire inspectors can give
a constant parade of harassers to someone. Health department officials have
been known to threaten calls to the building inspector unless their privacy invading
‘sanitarian’ is allowed in.
10. Through compulsory pet vaccinations, through promotion
of Merck, Glaxo, Roche, Aventis, Chiron and other war profiteer ‘flu’ shots,
health departments enable the engorging of international drug companies as well as ineffective
or toxic flushots. There are an infinite variety of influenza molecules of which the one heavily
promoted by the Centers For Disease Control is always obsolete and addresses only a narrow range.
11. Health departments in many communities will not allow the distribution of fruits and vegetables
to food banks or organizations distributing food to the poor.  Instead the good food is destroyed.
12. Health departments comb the yards of the poor for feces from their pets while ignoring
factory farms and slaughterhouse operations (Smithfield, Tyson’s, Perdue, Cargill, Ohio Fresh Eggs, DeCoster’s
etc etc) which dump untold trillions of gallons of ecoli saturated feces and urine into the
water systems.
13. In many cities, the local health department has pressured city councils into trapping cats and dogs rather

than spaying them. Why? Because laboratories such as Harvard, UC Davis, Univ of Texas, Univ of Wisconsin, Yale,
Cornell, Princeton, Yerkes, Emory want a constant stream of animals to kill.
14. Raccoons are being poisoned with what the public is fallaciously told is rabies vaccine.
15. The socalled West Nile Virus comes to carnivorous birds and is misnamed
.. the CDC and Health Dept. in order to avoid panic about the pandemic of Avian Spongiform Encephalopathy
or Mad Chicken has lied about this.
16.  Health department directors and sanitarians, building inspectors are unelected.
17. Health departments have given orders to remove centenarian trees
as they dictate to homeowners what they can do on their own property.
18. A Canton Ohio health department director threatened a resident with jail because she was feeding a stray cat.
19. The Ecoli Scam

The animal flesh industry dominated government agencies around the world do not
publicize the billions of food poisoning cases annually,
the cancer, heart disease, Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Chicken
Mad Fish etc.

The CDC and public ‘health’ departments in the US
have many gullible people in the populace convinced
that unclean hands are the main cause of ecoli or colon
bacteria. In reality, the fast food outbreaks of ecoli
are censored. Non animal sources of ecoli are one tenth
of one percent, perhaps, of the total.

Dr John Harvey Kellogg, MD, relative of someone who
founded Kellogg Cereals, studied colon bacteria and found
that within 4 hours of a mammal’s murder, the
ecoli had multiplied by billions.

When mammals are murdered, they are waiting in queue,
terrified, hearing the screams of their friends or family.
They defecate in fright, all over themselves, all over
their hair covered skin, all over the floor They
are disemboweled, sometimes while still alive but there is
no way to remove all the colon (ecoli is used to hide
the intestinal waste origins) bacteria.

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in live shipment boats in Beirut harbor
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massive oil spill generated by Israeli bombing of power

http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2012/03/12/18709151.php  66 reasons not to mow


Bombs do not distinguish as Native American cultures do between
pregnant animals and the rest of the herd.

There are millions in the military who love their dogs, cats, horses or other. May this love in all of us for some

extend to all, to those we don’t yet know. To know is to love.


-saiom shriver-


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