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Facebook Increasing Censorship


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Major criticisms of Facebook include

1. Data mining: a giant operation siphoning off personal details

2. Facial recognition software in cooperation with governments

3. an unethical start.. as Zuckerberg stole software from 2 college partners.

   The movie Social Network details this

4. Inflation of membership    It is very easy to have multiple membership on Facebook, something the company hides in discussing membership

5. Censorship

   a.  Facebook totally erased an 855,000 member Boycott BP page and banned those who

listed major investors in BP.

b. Facebook is deleting pages on the conflict in Syria

  c.  Facebook has erased Biblical quotes of a Christian from her home pages

d. An Arlington Virginia man has been told he can no longer send Eastern mysticism messages

e. An Ohio man’s UFO experiences are being erased almost as quickly as he posts them

 Huffington Post has listed many instances of Facebook censorship

Zuckerberg has promised to murder any animal he eats.

God is Universal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Love.

God align us all including those mentioned above to the Law of Love.