How Lou Gehrig And Chairman Mao Got Lou Gehrig’s Disease


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A number of media outlets have been fund raising for animal research for
Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  The WBUR program On Point allowed questions only
about the fundraising campaign, not about the origins of the disease
called Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS.

In reality, Lou Gehrig was raised in a German family and continued to
eat in his mother’s kitchen often after he became a married baseball player.
He was fed a diet which predominated in  frankfurters, wienerschnitzel, hamburgers and many other meats .
Both the trillion dollar animal research industry, aligned with international drug cartels, and the
zillion dollar animal flesh industry like to hide the cause of ALS.

From the link above comes the following quote:

“Another famous person who had ALS was Chairman Mao of China. Out of the billions of people in China, he was the only person to ever have ALS, up to that time.  So what did he do that none of the other Chinese people did?  Mao had a Western diet, meaning that he didn’t eat rice and lots of vegetables; instead, he ate lots of meat. “

From the Scientific American comes the following:

“What Do Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s Have in Common?
These diseases are produced in giraffe , herbivores , who are fed meat.”

It is sad to see athletic young men become wheelchair ridden and lose their power to speak or swallow before they die.  It is a crime that those who inflict suffering on animals in research, physicians
and the media are not trying to prevent ALS by educating the public about the need to
avoid the flesh of mammals, birds, and fishes.  An alkaline vegan diet is recommended.,ai.html#.U_edklc09CM

-saiom shriver-


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