*1 Overwhelming US Opposition To Obama Violence


user imgOverwhelming Phone Opposition To Bombing of Iraq by Puppet Obama and His Bosses


The national cable tv network C-Span aired phone call reaction on Sept 11 2014 to Obama’s speech indicating that he need not ask the permission of his sovereign power: the people of the United States, in his decision to bomb polycidally the adults, children, animals and plants of Iraq.

The reaction was overwhelming opposition to Obama’s violent, illegal, security-harming, bombing of Iraq.


http://c-span.org   Washington Journal  7 to 10 am

202 585 3880  Dem

202 585 3881 Rep

202 585 3882 Independent or third party


Despite the fact that 55% of Americans are not registered to vote and that of the remaining 45%, 3/5 or 60% are independent or third party, C Span gives 2 phone lines to the 18% of the country registered as Democrats or Republicans and only 1 line to the 82% who are everything else.



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