Why American Children Least Slender

American fast food hits Africa
Why were American children the world’s fattest while our trees are skinny?
But the tide is turning. Americans are beginning to lose weight despite:

1. The dairy lobby is federally subsidized.. 1/4 billion annually.. to promote
milk designed to make a calf into a 1000 pound animal in a few months.
This food was not designed for human beings and is correlated to obesity.
International conglomerates promote cows’ milk for human babies.
2. USDA dominated school lunch programs promote
trash animal products, with little in the way of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are dumping grounds for surplus milk solids etc.

3. The food advertised is high animal protein and animal fat food.. which isocaloric studies by Mervyn Hardinge MD (while at Harvard before he like Mad Cow discoverer Prusiner left that institution because of its meat investments) indicate will make a nonvegetarian 23 lbs. heavier than a vegan after 3 months given the same number of daily calories, while dairy vegetarians are 11 lbs. heavier than vegans. The average fruitarian weighs less than those of the other 3 groups. Conversely, the Atkins and other high animal protein diets cause a sudden weight loss. Then participants reach a plateau and cannot lose further weight. Atkins died weighing around 260 pounds after, it is alleged, a cerebral stroke which caused his fall.
4. Parents who allow a lifestyle of tv and internet without exercise sunlight and fresh air
5. Some school systems still have soda and high sugar candy bars, potato chips
6. Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac and other tv advertised and heavily marketed antidepressants cause long term weight gain. Those not taking prescription drugs are subjected to
these compounds which contaminate the water supply through the urine of those who take the drugs. Tranquilizers like valium, antiinflammatories like prednisone and antiseizure medications
also cause long term obesity.
7. The WIC program (Women Infant Children of the animal agribusiness dominated USDA) is another dairy subsidy giving the poor obesity engendering dairy products.
8. Convenience stores and gas stations sell junk cola, potato and corn chips, candy bars, cows’ milk and no fruit and vegetables with the exception of occasional bananas.
9. Small farmers and their markets are forced out of business by chain stores with the help of the USDA.
10. The Food Network, The Rachael Ray Show, and other tv shows for their multi tirllion dollar animal flesh, fish and dairy agribusiness clients promote cooking with carcinogenic, stroke engendering high fat foods.
11. The dairy lobby of Minnesota and Wisconsin, with the constant ads of Minnesota “Public” Radio promotes a racist disregard for the natural milk intolerance of Africans, Asians and other cultures.
12. Despite objections from the European Union, American agribusiness
has forced its way in giving female hormones and water retainers to animals, with the dosage upped before slaughter. These hormones and water retention chemicals
continue to act in humans, causing weight gain and planting cancer seeds.
13, Decadent gorging on the cadavers of innocent murdered beings causes waste, obesity, animal agony, and in some cases choking, as in hotdog eating contests.
14. Alcohol is fattening and causes teen and other deaths, cirrhosis of the liver, busted families, domestic battering etc. yet Coors, funder of the warpromoting Heritage Foundation, also advertises alcohol on radio as early as 11 am on weekdays
15. The cultures in which people absorb the most sunlight tend to be the most slender. The energy of the sun replaces the inferior energy of food. It comes in numberless frequencies, each body taking what he or she likes.

16. In addition Americans adopted the English fatmaking breakfast, high
in meat and dairy. 
17. Americans are subjected to more food ads than any other people.. Fast
food ads have accounted for over 100 billion in advertising revenue.
A Canadian study reports that tv watchers eat more than non tv watchers.
18. We may be addicted to coffee, but it is for many an appetite stimulant
19. Corporations, grocery chains, and a very strong restaurant association
have saturated many foods with gratuitous fattening and toxic animal products.
Oscar Mayer’s song directed at children was “I’d love to be an Oscar Mayer wiener.”  The song is a lie amplified by the wiener mobile. 4H clubs teach children to love and nurture baby animals and then given them up for slaughter, a schizophrenia engendering message. School curricula are sometimes created
by the dairy lobby. School lunches are animal product laden. Children are immersed in animal flesh ads on Saturday morning tv.
20. Judge Holwell and other unelected judges have sided with the fast food industry in rulings on calorie postings, liability of fast food chains for fat etc
21. A liver filled with poisonous molecules such as insecticide, preservative, hormone and other residues is less able to burn fat.
22. The animal flesh industry through illegal corporate influence in the NY and other schools sponsors social studies courses which promote animal flesh, studies promoted by the school administration and even the teachers’ unions which
historically resisted corporate influence. These courses make children fatter, and the ‘nutrition’ taught is full of lies. The meat industry also secretly funds books which like The Compassionate Carnivore promote animal corpse eating.
23. Writers such as Nina Planck, nutritionists from meat invested schools such as Columbia, Harvard, Univesity of Texas, and deceased animal protein promoters who died before their life expectancy (Dr Atkins, Dr Stillman, Adelle Davis etc) have been paid or programmed to promote purloined animal flesh. The Atkins Foundation has an unholy relationship with the world’s largest pigbutchering corporation, Smithfield, and with Duke University.
24. Rising food prices as trillions of dollars are diverted from America to bombing babies overseas has put fresh fruits and vegetables out of the reach of many.
25. Poverty creates overeating
   a. people eat to reduce stress which creates a cycle of depression
   b. people eat to stay warm in winter
   c the more healthful foods are sometimes priced beyond reach because they are not subsidized
   d  The poor for the most part cannot walk on beautiful stretches of beach,   nor get to exercise spas
26. Around the world, midnight shift work is 1 factor in obesity. Many never feel totally rested and eat in the mistaken notion food will erase the problem.
27. Bouts of anger make the heart beat and breaths rapid and dump adrenalin into the bloodstream, stimulating hunger.

28. Libraries in their summer reading programs reward children with Dairy Queen, Chucky Cheese and the fattening food of these chains.


1. exercise more
2. eat fewer calories (a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single abstention from biting)
3. eat more fruits and vegetables
(vegans weigh 23 lbs less than
nonvegetarians and 11 lbs
less than vegetarians after 3 months
in isocaloric studies) http://www.pcrm.org/
4. eat more uncooked food (more fiber… more food eliminated)
5. when faced with a mental stimulus to eat…
some go out and walk…others repeat their favorite one of
the infinite names of God
7. still others believe one cause of the illusion of hunger is thirst.. and drink
much water http://www.watercure2.org/
8. Salt retains water in the body, adding to weight. Lemon juice
dressings are one salt substitute.
9. Caffein stimulates the appetite unnecessarily.
10. Shop when not hungry.
11. keep a log of what is eaten and the estimated calories
12. Community is necessary. Overeaters often isolate themselves.

1. Alcohol and cigarette ads have been banned on tv. Animal flesh
and products cause more deaths annually than tobacco, alcohol, war,
traffic deaths combined. It’s time to ban tv, radio, and billboard advertising
of meat, dairy and fish which cause cancer, heart disease, stroke,
food poisoning, kidney dysfunction, arthritis etc.

-saiom shriver-

Picture: American fast food hits Africa



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