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visions and dreams, given to the author and to others

an eagle soaring above the sea
swoops down suddenly, alights
on a boat deck, and voluntarily enters
a cage.

(a great soul volunteers to take
human birth again.. shortly after this dream BB was born)


the grand canyon in the morning.. a rainbow arching
over the awesome void with its
2 bases touching the rock on
either side of the canyon, ts very emptiness drawing the light.

(one of many interpretations: emptiness attracts Spirit)


william clinton strides into a room and over to a dark oil painting of
the crucifixion. with confidence and ability he paints a pastel abstract
easter over it as he holds a palate of rainbow hues.


a church clock tower with lighted clock faces on all four sides glows
in the rain at 6:30.. as drops fall from the hands

(when minute second and hour hand are at 6 or 666, thirsty flowers
below receive the most direct rainfall. all numbers are holy)


poster’s teacher is with her at seashore. she sees he has an easel
and is drawing for her a red tomato, green tomato and redgreen tomato.
he names the different enzymes in each one, and tells her she needs
most the red-green enzymes.


poster was in interview room as baba
gave another devotee an explanation
for an ended relationship. baba said
to her “the storm waters shifted in
montana and alan didn’t want to touch
you anymore”.

it reminded poster of standing
at a north south continental divide
.. watching raindrops falling by her left
foot flow down toward the mississippi
while those on her right poured toward
the st lawrence and n. atlantic

vision of a desk as a pink box..
pink because the man loved his
paperwork, a box because it
was a cage. a spanish music
composer and teacher was involved.

baba asks a western devotee if
she has made a copy of the key
to the chinese meditation room.
he tells her to give it to him.
as he walks up the steps she
remembers that she still has the
original. she had made a copy
because she didn’t get to the room
until 7:30, a half hour after the
meditation began.


a vision that poster was sipping tea made of the seeds of red clover


baba gave poster a dream..
2 media people came to her home

her home was not comfortably clean..
she had little food to feed them

the message to her she interpreted

1. treat like god anyone who comes
to your home
2. have food stored that it may
be prepared
3. have a clean and comfortable
and welcoming home
4. be prepared to drop everything
and minister to god in the temple
of the persons coming to you.


if a home is very inviting and has
an open portal.. people naturally
feel they are welcome in it..
it is mixed signals to make a
home inviting and then to call
the police because someone has
entered without permission


one of many reasons people keep dream and vision journals
is that as time passes and events occur, they realize that they
were given precognition messages..new meanings unfold.. the pages of a book are reminders of buried memories.

the alarm clock is a dream killer..those who want to receive messages in dreams can go to sleep on a day when tyrannical time does not interfere. as they slip into sleep they can
summon god’s visions and keep pen, paper and small lamp by the bed.


shortly after a dream in which 4 women in a satsang (gathering of the good)
were resolving to pray together as 1.. and to pray also for egomelt,
poster had a vision of a 4 yolk egg becoming a bird.

(postermade eggs for the last time, after breaking them into a skillet, seeing it full of blood, beaks and claws)


poster is planting a baby evergreen tree..and to her horror the tree turns into a dog and the planting becomes a suffocation
(interpretation: well motivated actions can through ignorance be harmful… ask the source.. ones favorite indweller form of god before doing something)


a vision of a poisonous snake turning into a greeting trunk of a loving ganesha elephant**


a married man walks to first base
where he flirts with the married
first baseman. suddenly
martin luther king is batting
lefthanded in the batter’s box (9 on a clock)
and hits a homerun
to 12 on the clock. the first base runner
is brought home,
3 additional bases and the end of
a disastrous flirtation… the gift of a hero.


a man in a tux is airborn, and his coattails are fluttering in the wind
(the irrelevance of form in a world of spirit? the ability of all to fly?)


a vision of crystallized thought as huge steel cabinets above the street blocking trucks (rigid opinions block communication)


a dream of a false caucasian teacher touching his students.. transmitting blue light with rivers of black in it (polluted energy) (we are limited by our gurus’ limitations)


pick up in their beaks the 4 corners
of a light fabric and fly with it .. and cover
either a sleeping or dead large animal with it
(a liberated soul..has advanced… souls erase his past)


in the sharon wall which is opposed by billions
.. suddenly appears.. a hole big enough for a cow
to go through..
it reminds poster of the scriptural saying that
it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle
than for a rich man to enter heaven..
.. it was explained to her that needles were arches
into walled cities.. camels had to stoop to enter them


a woman dreamt she was running on the water..
she came to a boat in which her companions were
.. she teased them and splashed them because
they could not run on water.. her arrogance caused
her immediately to sink


poster given a dream of the cia as a monastery..
in which sharks were kept in a pool in the basement.. a pool into which
expendables were thrown. every once in a while the monks had a taste
for shark meat and would kill
a shark.

(there are anglican spooks, catholic spooks, zionist spooks,
chinese spooks,islamic spooks who spy for money, for ideology, for
religious belief, because they are blackmailed etc)


poster heard the sentence
“2 peter rock.. 5 gold fish”. like all koans given her by baba
this one has seemingly infinite meanings.

the sentence reminded of the
miracle of the loaves and fishes

since compassionate people
do not suffocate or strangle
or rip out the gills of fishes
to devour them..

we will substitute the word
‘love’ for fishes.. the miracle
of the loaves and of love.

jesus materialized fish for
others.. the greek word ‘opsarion’
which describes it is ‘pickled fish’
not freshly suffocated fish.

there is a whole spectrum of belief
about jesus related to fish.
christian vegetarians do not eat fish.
some believe that jesus was a total
vegetarian. some believe he ate fishes.
some believe he materialized them for others
but did not himself eat fishes.

perhaps the most controversial position
has been stated by the father of the john wilkes booth
who killed lincoln. that man said
‘no fish no crucifixion’
meaning that he thought jesus encouraged
fishing and therefore was crucified.

astrologically pisces and virgo (the fish and the wheatbearing
virgin) (the fish of love and the virgin of the loaves)
are the axis of being (pisces) and doing (virgo)..
of the heart and the mind


the mind’s thoughts are clouds
gray or white in hue
the master’s consciousness
is a sky of blazing blue.

a vision of a small thread spool
with perhaps 45% of the wood
on one side of it removed

a. smuggling of computer chips?
b. use as tool
c. other

(before one can be liberated the mind
must be melted.. it is a machine made of desire)


many ‘inventions’ are revelation..
einstein said in his autobiography angels gave him
the relativity theory in a dream

schumann said he was not a composer but a secretary..
who wrote the music he heard in his ears after having
had a series of painful explosions

the inventor of the sewing machine said he was given
a vision of warriors carrying spears which had holes in the tips

sai baba has said god will give anyone an answer provided
it is an immediate fork in the road, the questioner is surrendered
to the answer, and the question involves oneself, not


2 hours after i participated in a mcdonald’s outlet boycott
in manhattan i was attacked by a man with a hunting knife
and handcuffs.. (as i had left the picket, ro said to me
“i sense you are in great danger and i will meditate for your
safety”.. ).. by god’s grace i was able to get away


dreamt of a car.. whose roof had become a coffin lid
.. awoke to the news of the deaths of people in an iraqi car..
……..any time people die in a car from alcohol or traffic accidents
it became a coffin


beethoven dreamt about his 4th symphony that music instruments
fought .. some refusing to play it


einstein in his autobiography said
angels gave him the theory of
relativity in a dream


schumann said he had a series of
painful explosions in his ears.. after
which he began to hear divine music..
he was not a composer, he said..
but a scribe.


jan f, a jewish hindu, had a dream of 3 nuns watering a rose bush at hitler’s grave

a. rose bushes have rights no matter where they are planted
b. the body of a man who harmed many is becoming the petals of a rose
c. some in the vatican did not help enough to stop the nazisetc.


from swami rama’s book “living with the himalayan masters”..an incident in which an elephant in greeting reached her trunk into a cave.. she was killed by a scorpion’s bite..and her size blocked for a while the mouth of the cave

(metaphorically, the scorpion or
inability to forgive has harmed
the spiritual evolution of the


a vision of an aqua blue light aura around a speck
of dirt.. the aura of the little fragment of mother earth


oscar wilde said a horse was dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle. ohio is a perfect orb at both ends
and spiritually high in the middle, like the carriage of

wy oming
allah bama
ark ansas
kali radha
mary land
michi ganesh


dream that a gives b $20.
.. 20 is a number of partnership


destabilization attempt when the cia airdropped counterfeit
currency onto the indira gandhi
ruled india, they were not able
to destabilize the economy. it
was stimulated. baba turned what
they meant for harm into good.


karmic cause of unhealed blindness a sai friend prayed several years for an octogenarian who was blind, that
god would restore her sight. baba’s follower was given a vision of 2 dinosaur eggs, which she took to mean the woman’s eyes. (restoring her sight would cause her to accumulate negative karma because she would abuse it.)


3 intersections the standard astrological double axis intersection has aries fire emerging
from piscean water on the eastern horizon, libra air emerging from virgo earth on the western, capricorn earth emerging from sagittarian fire on the north, and cancer water emerging from gemini air on the south.

ks, a sai devotee had 2 different visions..
in the first she was descending from the higher planes
with a golden pyramid (her love of knowledge) on 1 side
and a blue dome (the waters of love) on the other.
at the bottom were grey buildings (the city in which
she lived and worked.)

in the second, air was north, earth was south, fire was
east and water was west. (the waters of love in
the 7th house.. the house of marriage)


baba showed this poster a red rectangle in the direction
of her car. she went out to look at it and saw that it
was directly across the street from a driveway and she
moved it. thank you swami


a vision of the legs and paws of isananda, a faithful grey
cat who left her body and went to swami.
isananda means ‘joy of jesus’.

perhaps baba is saying if we truly have advaitin vision
(seeing the divine in each being)
we can take padnamaskar of a cat, or as ananda mayee ma
did, of a cockroach.


a dream that baba’s corpse is lying alone on my single
bed. it is there for several days. i wonder if it will
ever begin to decompose… i should have known better…
when suddenly baba quickens his body and i cry in
delight “you’re alive! you’re alive!”. then he disappears.


baba has said that if it had not been for sankara
india would have become another china.
he said on nov 23, 1962 that he had turned around
the chinese army, that india has no need of military
protection for she is protected by divinity because
of her dharma.


india still has traces of the rape of the country by 150
years of british imperialist rule and theft. there
are pockets of poverty.
china has had hundreds of millions move to the city, with
consequent urban poverty.

indian temples feed those who come. india has once again
achieved grain selfsufficiency which it had before the british invasion. the british raj caused india to be enkindled by
english and england to be enkindled by ahimsa or nonviolence.
england now has more animal rights activists than any other
country than india. india has a slender
population. there are pockets of hunger.
china has a tradition of giving priority to feeding people but loses
higher yields in supporting animal agriculture.

india has given a priority to computers. china has more
factory workers.

indians speak hindi, tamil, telugu, english, gujarati, marathi,
and many other dialects. tamil and telugu are 90% sanskrit.
sanskrit has been described by william jones as ‘more perfect
than latin, more copious than greek, and more exquisitely
refined than either.’
the predominant language in china is mandarin chinese.

animal rights
india has more vegetarians, perhaps 300 million, than any
other country on earth.
the chinese population excludes few animals or their parts
from consumption. however vegetarian diet is growing in
china. bear farms, cat and dog flesh served in restaurants,
cat and dog hair made into fur are some international animal
rights concerns.

child labor

india needs more protection for children from child labor.
china as well.


once india and china were equal in population. after
a brief period of violent sterilization caused by indira gandhi’s son sanjay, india has without force achieved more
population control than china has with forced first, second
and third trimester abortions.


india is one of over 108 countries with no death penalty.
the chinese government performs more executions than any other.
some estimate this number is 15,000 a year.

history and military

india’s hindus like christians, buddhists, jews have had
violent encounters with muslims. india has essentially been
more nonviolent politically than many other countries.
the chinese government has invaded tibet, is threatening
the annexation of taiwan, has many times invaded vietnam
in the last 1000 years, and invaded india in 1962, still
holding on to some of the illegally seized land ne of kashmir.
china is currently putting great amounts of money into
its army, tanks, and weapons systems. sai baba, guru of
over 100 million, has said india needs no military protection
for it has divine protection.

china has employed psychics native to other countries as
part of its international 5th column.


india is a parliamentary democracy. some question whether or
not arjun singh, who recently announced he is a christian,
has been an agent of british capitalism.
china is a dictatorship.


india is predominantly hindu, but tolerates muslim, buddhist,
christian, sikh, jain and other religions. hindu antagonism
to christian missionaries has historical roots, with
british invaders arriving with christian missionaries
and slaughterhouse products.
the chinese government is officially atheist and has
had violent oppression of falun gong, christian and
other missionaries. in tibet and elsewhere, the chinese
government has murdered buddhists, some of whom have escaped
to india.

freedom of speech

india has more freedom of speech than the us since its
media is less controlled by corporate war profiteers.
the chinese government has internet censorship.


corruption in business exists in india as in many places.
china’s marketing has been called unethical.
china japan switzerland have been lending money to
those raining violence on iraq and afghanistan, like gloved
men paying others to do their violence.

women’s issues

india has had a woman pm, indira gandhi. like all countries,
india and china have much remaining work in this area.


educational chauvinism aside, india has the highest number
of phd’s in percentage and actual numbers in the world.
china also has a high number.

one can judge neither country by its expatriates.
srila prabhupad said “shake india and the materialists
fall to the u.s.”.environment

the ahimsa or universal nonviolence in india has included
besides people, mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles, also
insects and plants. nevertheless india needs trillions more
fruit and nut trees and other plants to bring back rain
to desert areas.

china’s environmental quality is considered one of the
world’s worst. as in the us, factories have been allowed
to pollute.


india has perhaps the best preserved train system in the world.
china, like japan and france, has advanced and rapid trains.

mine safety

india does not have as many mines as china.
china and the us have high numbers of mine fatalities.


both india and china have pockets of xenophobia.

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6/18/2006 visions and dreams from baba visions and dreams from baba

mercury knocked out of frieze

baba: once said to writer: “mercury: this star is the seed of
love” (mercury rules communication)

dreamer sees man who lives across the street
knocking a statue of winged mercury out of a frieze
.. he doesn’t want it.. next the helmet rolls off of mercury..
dreamer picks it up and takes it with his permission

a. communication or mercury: the last of the remaining
roman gods to conquer
b. mercury like pinocchio is about to come to life..
first he must be knocked out of his frieze (freeze)
c. mercury: a symbol for communication

toxic mercury has been put in dental fillings, vaccines
and is concentrated to lethal levels in virtually
all the world’s fishes.

by abstaining from fish eating
knocking mercury out of the frieze
prevents brain cell freeze


A Vietnamese man and woman living in Walnut Creek, California
had a picture of Kwon Yin on their altar. It began to
manifest vibhuthi inside the glass. When the man
asked Baba for a sign.. the vibhuthi formed the word
SAI. The couple have since translated Sathya Sivam Sundaram
(Truth Shiva Beauty) into Vietnamese.


baba once said to a devotee: she is right about her conspiracy theories
but one must see agents as god and speak to them of god. (all are divine.)

baba gave this writer a dream of a time perhaps during the french revolution.
an english agent escapes back to britain and is able
to find refuge in a rockhewn church which stands in a rising flood which is lapping
at its front stone steps.

then he whispered “false flame”, to make the writer ponder that oxymoron, false flame,
for no flame can be false. within all burns the light of god. all are working
out their own destinies.


writer had a vision of someone whispering “santiago” into the ear of
another, in the manner of a guru transmitting a mantra. sant iago is saint john.
it is also a city in chile. besides baba’s underlining the sanctity of a friend
of the woman’s named john, baba was teasing her about her habit of going to sleep
to audio book mysteries, the last 2 of which mentioned santiago. he was saying “you are what you hear”.


clinton strides into the room.. with a palate
and over a dark oil very detailed painting of the crucifixion.. paints
in large pastel swaths, a canvas of easter…

(in his own life.. or lives of baba devotees impacted by agents,.
the crucifixion is finished)
(recently mr clinton has gone around the country asking americans to avoid
his example in eating meat… meat which gave him a heart attack.)
(the content of the art is more important than its antiquity status)

charlottesville eagle

poster met a ramakrishna follower
named durga.. after several weeks
durga mentioned that she thought
she had been jefferson in a previous
life…the reddish hair and strong features
were the same.. poster suspended
judgment on her belief. one day
they drove to monticello, jefferson’s
home, from washington. in the
grass strip between the 2 sides of
the highway, suddenly an eagle
appeared, standing at attention
on 1 leg.

ten tv cameras

a dream that 5 tv cameras above and 5 tv cameras
below her focused on an embryo filled with
2 fully grown horses. the sac broke and they
galloped away.. one to become part of a 4 horse
chariot.. the other to cavort with wild stallions.
this took place in a western sandy plain
canyon with high granite walls on both sides.
the word “mathura” or “matura” was heard, one
a village of krishna, the other latin for maturation.


Rebecca J had a vision of being present
in groves of cherry and apple
trees when a great storm
showered her with their petals.

(one of many interpretations:
marriage is one outcome of a crisis..
in some ceremonies, brides are
showered with petals)


vision: george bush handing out
red shoes to many

(his regime causes many to wear
the red shoes of hyperactivity
to defeat him)
b. his plutocracy… turns many red
(a term used for socialists
and communists)

black cat on saint’s shoulder

a black cat on the shoulder of
a saint
(god accepts all.. no matter
what others project onto them)


gold radiant head of l
who has sacrificed much


one woman dreamt
after leaving an unhappy relationship
that he came to her asking
her to adopt a 14 year old in
his church group
(resistance to any connection
with his evolving self)

another woman dreamt she
was still attached by an umbilical
cord to a man she planned to
(he was growing.. but still
dependent upon her)

bethesda pool

dream that a jewish friend had a bethesda healing pool in her living
room… but feared someone would drown.. and covered it with a metal grid
(someone afraid of her own spiritual healing power… afraid of not acting responsibly)

(in the us bethesda is now a center
for animal torture and for the
funding of animal torture…
bethesda naval hosp. and nih
are there.. but there are animal
rights groups in bethesda as well)


prayer is beyond time.. can go
back in time… one can visualize
loved ones in their most painful
moments… and visualize the
favorite form of god with them

raking leaves

a man rakes leaves from centenarian
oaks in his past neighborhood..
(removing the karma of old mistakes)
he hands a grape sucker to someone and
says ‘welcome home’.

glass house

someone lives in a glass house..
but need not fear stones
because the glass is very thick
and bullet proof

sloping bedroom

a woman lives in a second story
which slopes down from
the doorway to a lowlying
window… she fears that
children in tricycles or
playing with each other
could crash through

2 russian coffee cups

dream: two russian coffeecups (glasses
which fit inside meta cupholders with
handles) are given to poster by
a friend of a nonagenarian who
served her husband for over 40
years after his colostomy and who
also taught school and in the
evening taught peace and socialist studies. the person who
brings the gift is another woman..
who threw off her husband after
his infidelity and his low idea of
the status of women.
she also brought prasad from
a yogi who meditated in a cave
most of the time and went a year
without food.

(prasad: food offered to god)

severed daffodil

dream: a catholic mother of 6
who voted for bush thinking he
was a profetus candidate… handed
poster back a cut daffodil… it had
an ant inside it and a moth on top
of it

(in real life, poster is not involved
with severed flowers… but this
dream in some way relates to
the belief of some in the ‘prolife’
movement that it is better to work
to save millions of fetuses than
to prevent war which causes deaths
to millions of adults and children)
(she handed back the cut flower..
a symbol to her of a severed fetus)

making the stage smaller

poster is a theatre director in dream
and is confronted with a cavernous
stage… to make it appear smaller,
cozier, more human scale…
she puts 3 saffron panels
in the stage in semi hexagonal
positioning… to make them
look like the walls of a living room

(saffron in hindu and buddhist
religions sometimes signifies
celibacy or the burning away of

donald sutherland political hero

dream: an older person is
in a college class… donald sutherland
is the teacher and is ready to
give a class on american political
heroes… at present he is sitting
behind the rectangular classroom
in a little circular alcove which is
behind only l/2 of the room.
the person goes back to ask for
his autograph and then his birthday
which in the dream but not reality
is july 11, 1962.
he writes them on the 4th page
of the book she offers. then she
asks for the time of birth… and he
asks why.. she tells him she is
an astrologer…. then she leaves
not wanting to stay for the class.

green peas picked up with hairbrush
green peas picked up with hairbrush

vision: shelled green peas being
picked up with the individual brushes
of a hairbrush

(any object can be functional in other ways)

an old catholic cathedral
filled with altar statues is
emptied of them to have a reinstallation
.. either to a new deity statue
or to a place of zen emptiness

jar of angry wasps
a jar full of angry wasps is released
into freedom
(in context… angry thoughts
no longer confined)

(creator, let none cage your creatures)

time to release the butterfly

vision: a caterpillar protected
is now a butterfly… in summer..
but caregiver has still not released him/her

women in trunk

a car with 7 fundamentalists in it
returns from sunday morning church…
2 men in the front seat
2 men in the back seat
and 3 women seated facing
the trees they pass…
are in the hoodless trunk
which has 3 small seats in it

a. the slavery of women in
fundamentalist churches

b. the trunk is symbolic of
karma carried around… the most
egregious male
chauvinists are creating future lives
as enslaved women.. the 4th
would not earn rebirth in human form
until imprisoned for a while in
a voiceless mammal’s form

3 cameras

a dream that she was
at the front right of a stage
and a chinese man asked her
to take a picture of him and his
wife… she dropped the camera
and he came with a 2nd one.. a more
expensive and precise one..
in addition there was a third hidden on
stage.. the picture was taken

(if she does not get busy with her sadhana
and must be reborn perhaps the parents of her next life?)

impossible bridge by sea

a dream of an impossibility..
on the left the bridge was
a charming boardwalk by the
shore and shallows, and 2 table rocks, plateaus
on top,
were washed at their bases by
the sea…
on the right.. the sea was under
100 ft under the bridge.. and dreamer
expressed fear of octopi and other
creatures of the sea, illustrating octopi
by dovetailing the fingers of her
2 hands..

(interpretation: she likes to play
on the shores of god.. but does

not want total immersion)

an earlier dream on this theme:
she walked to the edge of a pier
but did not swim because she
was carrying computer discs


a man had put the name of his beloved
on elevators in his building

feedlot full of fighters

vision: looking down on a feedlot
with many pens… old fighter humans
crammed in like chickens in a factory
farm… they are all musclebound yet
flabby, overweight and angry
… it seemed to the poster
they were cancer cells
waiting only for
the fighting round starting bell

(forgiveness, anger release,
and nonviolent food can eliminate

red painting

the father in law of a man
whose wife divorced him because
of his womanizing
in a dream painted the walls
of his room saffron and then
red.. not a professional job…
paint drips etc.
was it the remaining cursing unforgiveness
of a parent for someone who had
wronged his child..

or just the opposite.. the red mars
energy of
empowering which comes after

gorge of pipe organs

walking through a gorge with
very high walls on both sides,
walls made of a million millenial
redwoods, growing as close together
as the flutes of massive pipe organs.

on avoiding animal flesh, fish flesh, and dairy

sai baba has said that eating fishes causes unclean thoughts.
he has said “god is in every creature. how can you cause such pain?”

fish can’t scream, fish toxins, fish stories

because the ny times
and bbc in january of 2006, and harvard and the wall st. journal recently have
promoted the consumption of fish flesh, and because fish oil
has been promoted in ‘health food’ stores and on amazon etc., this article is
a response.

dick gregory: eating fish liver oil is like eating the filter out of a car.

mercury and other toxic metals harm brain

while articles in corporate media tout fish as brain food, the high mercury levels in fish cause memory and mental function loss.
“symptoms of amnesic shellfish poisoning include possible permanent short-term memory loss.” * the cultures eating the most fish (inuit) have the lowest life expectancy of
any group surviving to adulthood, while the japanese who eat high amounts of fish have as their number 1 cause of death fish correlated stomach cancer. toxins in fish include selenium, chromium, lead, arsenic, pcb’s, pbb’s, pvc’s, cadmium,
radioactive strontium, fire retardant,
and every other nonbiodegradable toxin which is 100 to 1000 times more concentrated in the flesh of fish than in the water. (rachel carson’s the silent spring dealt with among other things the massive loss of bird and fish
life from ddt. fish is the antibrain food. fruitarian and vegetarian
geniuses davinci, einstein, ramanujan, mary shelley and
others avoided fish and meat. linus pauling, only person to win a nobel prize both for peace and his discovery of 6
elements, has written that an orthmolecule is a fruit
molecule. they are the most similar to the neural
transmitters in the brain. there is no vitamin c (speeds flow
of nerve signals across synapses) in fish or animal flesh
or in animal products.) the epa issued 3500 warnings against fish consumption in one year alone. arsenic poisoning (arsenic from the oceans is concentrated in the
flesh of fishes) creates lesions and warts on the hands.
prostate uterine and breast cancer from fish

the female hormones correlated to skyrocketing rates of
prostate, uterine and breast cancer in the us come from
injections or ‘medications’ given to cows, sheep pigs
chickens etc. the urine from these factory farmed animals
is dumped into the waterways causing fish to have
cancerous growths. if they are eaten by humans before
they die they can cause cancer in human beings, just as
a chicken can transmit leukemia (though the multi trillion
dollar chicken industry calls leukemia leukosis when they
don’t manage to hide chicken cancer altogether.)

stomach cancer

one national cancer association reports that fish consumption is
related to stomach cancer.. those countries with the highest fish
consumption having the highest rates. included are korea, japan,
norway and others. those countries with the highest
meat consumption (canada, australia, the us, chile,
argentina, etc.) have the highest intestinal cancer rates.

food poisoning

fish flesh is from a rotting cadaver and therefore can cause food poisoning (ptomaine, brucellosis,
toxoplasmosis, salmonella,
ecoli). anaphylactic shock frequently causes death to those who
eat shellfish. it is universally known that dead fish stink (as
do all cadavers). choking on fish bones has been common throughout the
centuries. urticaria or hives is one less lethal but allergic reaction
to fish consumption.

the texas dept. of health stated in one year that 245 people had been victims
illness from oysters in galveston bay. the bacterium is vibrio
parahaemolyticus. 208 people have had oyster illness in the northwest.

u.s. news and world report nov 24, 1997: one of the strains
food poisoning in shellfish is vibria vulnificus.

intestinal problems

there is no natural bulk in fish. it is naturally constipating.
kidney problems

the ketosis from high animal protein diets leads not only
to bleeding ulcers but to kidney shutdown and blocked urethras.
piscean spongiform encephalitis or mad fish disease

in addition is the emerging truth of piscean spongiform encephalopathy or mad fish disease as both
factory farmed and ocean fish are eating the parts of other animals.
heart disease and arthritis
the uric acid in fish is trioxypurine, more powerful than caffein, and is correlated to arthritis as it crystallizes in needle formation around the joints. it also
adds to the incidence of heart disease and stroke, stimulating the
heart unnaturally.

viii b addiction
the uric acid or trioxypurine like caffein or dioxypurine
is addictive, and since there are more oxypurines than in
coffee, it is more addictive.

“if you miss fish or meat, take out a veggieburger and whiz
on it.”

owen parrett, md wrote that even rocky mountain trout from the most
unpolluted streams
have worms while

x hepatitis
the coprophagous (human and other waste eating) habits
of shellfish
are the number 2 (yes) cause of hepatitis.

most dangerous occupation

commercial fishing causes more fatalities annually than
any other occupation, through sudden storm drownings,
through problems with pulleys, ropes, nets, sails,
through spiking and other injuries from fishes gasping
for their breath and fighting for their lives. noncommercial
fishermen have died when lightning turned their metal poles
into lightning rods.


choking on meat or fish is the 6th cause of accidental death in the
us. so common has it been to choke on fish bones that the catholic
church has a feastday dedicated to st. blaize in which throats
are blessed. fraternity house pranks in the cruel blood sport
of goldfish swallowing have resulted in deaths to humans
as well as the fish.

allergies to iodine

a radio network caller, oct 27, 97: “my mother never got to see the same military md twice, so it was years before medical detectives realized that her
saturday headaches were caused by her friday fisheating with an
to iodine.
fish diseases

npr november 6, 1997: dr. james porter of the univ. of athens at
georgia was studying the many new fishes diseases such as black band and white pox. he reported that increased shipping, increased pollution,
and overfishing (an oxymoron since all fishing is overfishing) are factors for the rise.

xv depression

the bbc in an article promoting fish consumption
wrote ” depression – linked to low intakes of fish – high in omega-3
fatty acids which are essential for good brain health”.
in reality, fish like birds and mammals secrete adrenalin
or epinephrine when terrorized, fighting for their lives,
fleeing the hook or the gun. adrenalin is a longchained
protein enzyme, only some of whose links are destroyed by
cooking. eating the biochemical agony of the fish or animal
causes depression to humans eating the fish cadavers and can stimulate

oxymorons: fresh fish and overfishing

with asbestos in lake michigan, pcb’s in the livers of polar bears
in alaska, oyster contamination in the gulf from the runoff of
the mississippi, lipophilic insecticides in lake erie, pfiesteria
in the atlantic seaboard ..arsenic, chromium and mercury, pcb’s,
insecticides, fish killing old oil and every other toxin in the
shellfish in the ne
eating unprocessed human waste, where is there fresh fish?
the un fao, prince philip, and government and private
coalitions around the world are working to reduce fishing
so as not to wipe out certain species.

marine mammal murder

seals and whales are killed by canadians norwegians and japanese
because they
compete for fish. penguin babies can die because there
are no longer enough fish for them to eat.

dolphins, turtles and other sea creatures are
caught in the nets.

whales are caught in lobster lines.

manatee and all forenamed creatures are caught in boat propellers.

those who promote fisheating incur the karma not only of the
suffocated fish (problems of breath) but the karma of the seals,
dolphins, turtles, octopi and all other sea beings killed by the
fishing industry or individuals.

a hindu ashram not in accord with the bhagavad gita’s
dietary nonviolence
was inundated by the perhaps military machine generated tsunami.

commercial corruption

there are trillions of gallons of fish oil slop on trawler and
processing floors.

harvard whose corporate funded studies were a factor in stanley
prusiner’s (prion discoverer) leaving for california is also promoting
the glut of fish on the market.

states like maryland which subsidize fishing promotion
are violating the first amendment rights of buddhists, hindus,
vegetarians, vegans, seventh day adventists, jains, and
many other religions which teach not killing.
the sale of fish brings 54 million to the state of maryland, whose
governor prevailed on 3 chains in the washington area to
begin again to sell chesapeake fish despite the pfiesteria disease
caused by untold trillions of gallons of pig factory farm
sewage being dumped into the atlantic.
one factor of many in the disease of the fish might be the calvert
cliffs nuclear power plant, which raises the temperature of the water
in the area.

fishes’ sentience

dr donald broom, science adviser to the british government, has said that the pain
system in fish is the same as for mammals and humans.

any child who sees a fish flopping on the deck, or struggling for life on a hook,
or impaled in the eye by a flyfisher knows that fishes fill pain.

what’s worse than a snakeoil salesman? a pawn of fishmongers.

xx vegan cat food

a vanguard of holistic veterinarians, and james a peden,
author of vegetarian cats and dogs, which is in its third printing, are
working to help petowners transition their cats to nonharmful foods, ones
which do not cause urethra blockages, feline leukemia, kidney dysfunction or
food poisoning. andrew knight dvm has written of a litany
of toxins in commercial pet food.

fish stories
a. a man took his daughters fishing in tampico bay in mexico.. and was spiked by a large catfish which severed a hand artery. he was able
to get medical attention for the profuse bleeding.
b. janet barkas, editor of grove press, went fishing and caught
a hook in the fish’ eye. that was her last day fishing.
c. pw, at the soldier and sailors’ home in washington, caught the
same fish out of the pond virtually every day for 10 years.. each time
pulling the hook from the throat.. sometimes with flesh attached. pw
died of throat cancer. a calcutta guru who told his followers
it was permissible to eat fish died of throat cancer. (the child of a well=known presidential
candidate went to a hospital to be treated for his flyfishing hook
which was imbedded in his nose.)
d.. one fisherman reports that after seeing the fishes gasp for air
in the bottom of his boat.. as they slowly suffocate.. he will never
fish again.
e.. syndee brinkman: i went snorkeling and saw how gently the fish
welcomed us into their world.. and how violently we welcomed
them into ours.. i never ate an animal or fish again.
f. eb was a fisherman all his life and lived into his mid nineties.
he stopped fishing after he dreamt one night that he was tiny and a
fish was very large. the fish had him on a hook.

book by vegetarian md’s

diet and nutrition; rudolf ballantine, md.
diseases of food animals owen parrett md
foods that cause you to lose weight: the negative calorie effect more books like this
by barnard, neal md (dr barnard has written over a dozen books)
eyecare sourcebook by jay lavine md http://www.drlavine.org
(some of his articles are free on the internet)
http://hometown.aol.com/sauromalus/jewishveg.htm jay lavine md

please purchase books printed on nontree paper or 100% recycled
paper (e.g. rice, cotton)

both oregon state and the
seventh day adventist hospitals
are inflicting pain on animals.
dr pauling would not want
his nobel winning work contaminated
by animal torture.

marine toxins

(generally, the cdc has been the tool of multinational
pharmaceutical drug pushers and has stifled information
about the toxic effects of meat, fish, and animal products.
however paragraphs from a cdc article from the cdc.gov webpage are

the most common diseases caused by marine toxins in united states in order of incidence are scombrotoxic fish poisoning, ciguatera poisoning, paralytic shellfish poisoning, neurotoxic shellfish poisoning and amnesic shellfish poisoning.

scombrotoxic fish poisoning also known as scombroid or histamine fish poisoning, is caused by bacterial spoilage of certain finfish such as tuna, mackerel, bonito, and, rarely, other fish. as bacteria break down fish proteins, byproducts such as histamine and other substances that block histamine breakdown build up in fish. eating spoiled fish that have high levels of these histamines can cause in human disease. symptoms begin within 2 minutes to 2 hours after eating the fish. the most common symptoms are rash, diarrhea, flushing, sweating, headache, and vomiting. burning or swelling of the mouth, abdominal pain, or a metallic taste may also occur. the majority of patients have mild symptoms that resolve within a few hours. treatment is generally unnecessary, but antihistamines or epinephrine may be needed in certain instances. symptoms may be more severe in patients taking certain medications that slow the breakdown of histamine by their liver, such as isoniazide and doxycycline.

ciguatera poisoning or ciguatera is caused by eating contaminated tropical reef fish. ciguatoxins that cause ciguatera poisoning are actually produced by microscopic sea plants called dinoflagellates. these toxins become progressively concentrated as they move up the food chain from small fish to large fish that eat them, and reach particularly high concentrations in large predatory tropical reef fish. barracuda are commonly associated with ciguatoxin poisoning, but eating grouper, sea bass, snapper, mullet, and a number of other fish that live in oceans between latitude has caused the disease. these fish are typically caught by sport fishermen on reefs in hawaii, guam and other south pacific islands, the virgin islands, and puerto rico. ciguatoxin usually causes symptoms within a few minutes to 30 hours after eating contaminated fish, and occasionally it may take up to 6 hours. common nonspecific symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, excessive sweating, headache, and muscle aches. the sensation of burning or “pins-and-needles,” weakness, itching, and dizziness can occur. patients may experience reversal of temperature sensation in their mouth (hot surfaces feeling cold and cold, hot), unusual taste sensations, nightmares, or hallucinations. ciguatera poisoning is rarely fatal. symptoms usually clear in 1 to 4 weeks.

paralytic shellfish poisoning is caused by a different dinoflagellate with a different toxin, than that causing ciguatera poisoning. these dinoflagellates have a red-brown color, and can grow to such numbers that they cause red streaks to appear in the ocean called “red tides.” this toxin is known to concentrate within certain shellfish that typically live in the colder coastal waters of the pacific states and new england, though the syndrome has been reported in central america. shellfish that have caused this disease include mussels, cockles, clams, scallops, oysters, crabs, and lobsters. symptoms begin anywhere from 15 minutes to 10 hours after eating the contaminated shellfish, although usually within 2 hours. symptoms are generally mild, and begin with numbness or tingling of the face, arms, and legs. this is followed by headache, dizziness, nausea, and muscular incoordination. patients sometimes describe a floating sensation. in cases of severe poisoning, muscle paralysis and respiratory failure occur, and in these cases death may occur in 2 to 25 hours.

neurotoxic shellfish poisoning is caused by a third type of dinoflagellate with another toxin that occasionally accumulates in oysters, clams, and mussels from the gulf of mexico and the atlantic coast of the southern states. symptoms begin 1 to 3 hours after eating the contaminated shellfish and include numbness, tingling in the mouth, arms and legs, incoordination, and gastrointestinal upset. as in ciguatera poisoning, some patients report temperature reversal. death is rare. recovery normally occurs in 2 to 3 days.

amnesic shellfish poisoning is a rare syndrome caused by a toxin made by a microscopic, red-brown, salt-water plant, or diatom called nitzchia pungens. the toxin produced by these diatoms is concentrated in shellfish such as mussels and causes disease when the contaminated shellfish are eaten. patients first experience gastrointestinal distress within 24 hours after eating the contaminated shellfish. other reported symptoms have included dizziness, headache, disorientation, and permanent short-term memory loss. in severe poisoning, seizures, focal weakness or paralysis, and death may occur.

are there long-term consequences to these diseases?

ciguatera poisoning has resulted in some neurologic problems persisting for weeks, and in rare cases, even years. symptoms have sometimes returned after eating contaminated fish a second time. amnesic shellfish poisoning has resulted in long-term problems with short-term amemory. long-term consequences have not been associated with paralytic shellfish poisoning, neurotoxic shellfish poisoning, and scombrotoxic fish poisoning.

(the british pisces groups which works to end fishing
was listed as a recommended link, and is not responsible
for any of the writing herein.)

sending love to those who act violently baba told a woman on a hijacked plane to send love to the hijackers.
people on the plane were unharmed.
he told a devotee at the ashram to send love to a young girl who was abusing
her younger brother.
he told a member of a seattle satsang that as a group they should send love
to vivisectors and legislators. he said that lawmakers will make laws to abolish

your wish is granted baba is asritakalpalateeka, the wish fulfilling tree.

yogananda: divine mother always gives me what i want.

jesus: whatsoever you ask the father in my name it
shall be granted.

baba: i give you what you want so that you will want what i
have to give.

mother earth is supremely patient, but she too can do
time collapsing miracles.

5/27/2006 samara in straw, acorn in quarter roll plasticcm as writer picked up trash dropped by passersby in the street, she saw
a tiny samara (maple tree seed) stuck in the end of a straw. the next day
she saw an acorn stuck in the plastic wrap of a $10 roll of quarters.
(baba’s subtle synchroncities were telling her a desire to be more comfortable
financially could cause rebirth.)

a vision of a pig farmer whose 2 young boys were trampled by the frightened animals.. a vision of a pig farmer whose 2 young boys were trampled by the frightened animals..

a. the past life of an animal rights activist
b. greed affecting spiritual growth (dreaming of children is sometimes interpreted
as the evolving spirit of the parent)
c. baba implanting the suggestion that children’s accidents and fatalities
on farms be investigated

dreamer sees man who lives across the street
knocking a statue of winged mercury out of a frieze
.. he doesn’t want it.. next the helmet rolls off of mercury..
dreamer picks it up and takes it with his permission

a. communication or mercury: the last of the remaining
roman gods to conquer
b. mercury like pinocchio is about to come to life..
first he must be knocked out of his frieze (freeze)
the mercury dream came after one in which a garden full of roman god statuary
was filling gradually with water
(love of love beginning to conquer love of power)

rare pink flower years ago baba materialized an orange rose for the writer at the gokulam in bangalore
.. as gokulam attendants were present.

today he materialized not a cut but a living rare pink flower in her back yard..
one she had never before seen on a bush she had never before seen.

hanuman raisins in the suburb of phoenix near durban s africa is a statue of hanuman which
baba causes to materialize golden raisins and honey. a s african newspaper
did a story on this. phoenix represents resurrection out of the ashes (vibhuti).
this takes place in the home of lorraine govender.

planetary synchronicity within seconds after telling rn that she hated saturn, baba caused writer to
see a mantra to saturn and other planets.

om bhaumaya namah
om budhaya namah
om guruve namah
om shukraya namah
om shanischaraya namah

(bhaumaya mars budhaya mercury guruve jupiter shukraya venus shanischaraya saturn)

baba vision: clinton the artist bill clinton, artist

clinton strides into the room.. with a palate
and over a dark oil very detailed painting of the crucifixion.. paints
in large pastel swaths, a canvas of easter…

(in his own life.. or lives of baba devotees impacted by agents,.
the crucifixion is finished)
(recently mr clinton has gone around the country asking americans to avoid
his example in eating meat… meat which gave him a heart attack.)
(the content of the art is more important than its antiquity status)


the purple butterfly
more baba quotes
more baba visions and dreams
baba threads

wcau of philadelphia wcau

the 3 year boycott of burger king (1980 to 1983) was resolved by the
company’s accession to withdrawal of veal in 1983. g cave, h
schofield, t zagar and a hershaft had the first four groups involved
in the boycott of burger king. the writer was asked to do media for the
small coalition. one day the writer was typing press releases for philadelphia tv
and radio stations.. and came to wcau.. which is on city line
ave. when she went to type ‘city’ she found her fingers typing
‘cave’. she took that as a message to call dr. george cave
of state college, an animal rights activist. during the call he told
her he had just finished an interview with wcau on
pennsylvania’s decompression chamber, a painful method of
killing ‘surplus’ pound animals. a short time later, she wanted to
listen to the larry king show on mutual radio. for some reason
she could not get it that night on wtop in washington, but it
came in clearly on wcau, a distance away in philadelphia.
the guest that night was ray cave of time magazine. again,
there was another cave philadelphia connection, when
william cave of philadelphia’s american antivivisection society
was a guest on the radio. later s grafio took her to see bawa
muhaiyyadeen, a moslem mystic and vegetarian, whose aura was so bright it filled the room with white light, whose love was so strong that babies
crawled to him from their mothers. she realized in unwinding this koan
that baba was telling her (city typed into cave) that the city is a convex infliction
upon the land.. that the cave is a concave recess.. that at times inaction says the gita is better than action.. sometimes the path of the tao the path of water is better than the path of fire.

(cau in ancient roman script would look like cav)
(cau has the sound of cow)

* baba also gave her a physical reminder of this. she had sent out
2300 press releases which yielded no media… later on, when she had
not done any media, the phone began ringing off the hook.

robert schuller: anyone can count the seeds in an apple. only god
can count the apples in a seed.

*burger king is now owned by a texas capital consortium
which includes goldman sachs.
it is the only major fast food chain which has a veggie
burger option but it is still advertising the concept of
animal flesh to billions.

shortly before she was asked to do media for the
boycott, baba gave her a dream in which baba was
traveling in the us on a greyhound. the busride began
on 4th st. in dc. when it arrived in pennsylvania, there
was absolutely nothing in the restaurant she could offer
baba to eat.

greyhound was instrumental at that time in ending
the boycott of burger king which had at that time
a cooperative relationship with the bus company.

now greyhound has changed owners. it is owned
by laidlaw of canada. it is hoped that laidlaw
can end quickly the clubbing of canadian seals.

asking for guidance

baba had told his devotees if they had a question to which
they did not know the answer he would reply if a. it
was about an individual’s own sadhana b. if the devotee
were surrendered to the answer, and if c. it entailed an
immediate fork in the road.

there are many who immediately know in their hearts what
course of action to take, but there are times when one
is not sure.

baba said to take 4 symbols of equal size (e.g. 4 pieces of
paper) and write on one ‘yes’, a second ‘no’, and the 3rd
and 4th ‘wait’. then pray and select one at random.

when the writer was asked by a small coalition of 4 groups
to do media for the burger king boycott, she asked baba
by this method and got ‘yes’.

several months went by. dr rao of lawrence kansas told a friend to tell her that boycotts were
not ahimsan (nonviolent) because they called down corporate
wrath. this was a wise criticism, and she asked baba again,
and again got a yes to go forth.

more time passed. bob pinkus, editor of vegetarian living
who had convinced both the writer and connie salamone to
become vegan, said that boycotts increased corporate sales
because they operated on the principle “don’t think of
a white elephant”, which increases thoughts of white elephants.
she asked again for a third time and got another yes.

the river of life flowed on. next lou ann yonish, coordinator
of vegetarian action whose group was targeting restaurants
which served veal, said this was the wrong target. another
casting of the chits (symbols) in prayer.. and another ‘yes’.
this time it was lou ann on the other end of the phone
who made the selection.

alice herrington, president of friends of animals, felt
there was no ethical distinction between baby and adult animals
and that it was a form of age chauvinism to concentrate on

dudley giehl, founder of animal liberation and michael
rothschild also participated in the chits.
altogether 6 times, baba or the querant’s form of god
was asked, and 6 times a yes was given. the odds of this
happening randomly are 1 in 4096.

all of the criticisms of the boycott were valid. yet god
is omniscient, and like someone on a hill who can look down
on an intersection and see traffic patterns those in the
cars cannot, god gave guarding and guidance.

lithium lithium

a friend was experiencing much anxiety..and his family had repeatedly committed him.. poster was opposing the use of psychiatric medications for him..but had no power with the pharmaceutically dominated hospital staff.. then had a vision of a priest holding a communion wafer.. and breaking off a tiny sliver.. .. she heard the world ‘lithium’ catholics believe that any sliver of the communion host is christ.. as much as thewhole disc. poster felt she was being told to advise friend to take a small fraction of what was prescribed..)***(lithium.. from greek lithos.. can turn the kidneys into stone)

vision: tree planting tree planting

poster is planting a baby evergreen tree..and to her horror the tree turns into a dog and the planting becomes a suffocation

(interpretation: well motivated actions can through ignorance be harmful… ask the source.. ones favoriteindweller form of god before doing something)

flashlight and storm

while it rains
a flashlight’s beam
slightly downward streams
across a stormsired
little waterfall’s steps..
an intersection of horizontal light
with downfalling water

(the falling water cannot trap
the light)
(the thought occurred that
the flashlight holder was looking
for an animal in a flash flood)
(in actuality, the storm’s ions
reconnected someone to her life

playground not museum

a sculptor hugs his mother
on a playground as he decides
to follow her suggestion to
put his sculpture in a playground
rather than a museum

four yolk egg four yolk egg

shortly after a dream in which 4 women in a satsang
were resolving to pray together as 1.. and to pray also for egomelt,
poster had a vision of a 4 yolk egg becoming a bird.

(she had in 1970 made eggs for the last time, breaking them into a skillet, seeing it full of blood, beaks and claws)

baba vision: grand canyon rainbow grand canyon

the grand canyon
in the morning.. a rainbow arching
over the awesome

(the canyon as the emptiness or lack of desire which attracts
the rainbow)

baba’s vision: eagle alighting vision of an eagle

an eagle soaring above the sea
swoops down suddenly, alights
on a boat deck, and enters
a cage.

(a great soul volunteers to take
human birth again)

crown chakra healing crown chakra healing

dr gadia of the uk has been given great healing power by baba.. partly
because of dr gadia’s greathearted empathy. (20,000 people in the uk
are licensed to heal with their hands. gifts of spiritual healing are common
to spiritual people of all paths.) he met ohio devotees at the cleveland
airport, where he directed all to make a pyramid of hands on the crown
chakra of a sick child. rn who was present said the current was very

grape juice message as written earlier, baba warned mr. patel and the indian community
that they had 3 years to leave before idi amin’s massacres would begin.

in south africa, a devotee with an intense prayer life and a constant presence
from swami, found decades ago a message in grape juice, written by baba, who can be several places at once. it was a direction that she must leave s. africa before violence

baba has written messages using jasmine flower script, vibhuti script,
grape juice script. he has written messages in spider webs. he can use any matter
as media.

omniscient guru baba guided a devotee to call a friend who
had been widowed 9 months.
when the call was made she was in
tears… for the first time she was
dealing with release of her husband’s

two snakes lm, a sai devotee, had a vision of 2 snakes, one fat and lazy, the other very thin
and wiry. she knew this was the ida and pingala, 2 nerve systems in the body.
they were out of balance.

padnamaskar with socks on one devotee had been involved in adharma. baba came to that devotee
in a dream… when the dreamer started to take padnamaskar (touching the feet of the
guru) he saw that baba had socks on. this was baba’s subtle way. he compared
socks on his feet to clouds which block the sun.

british and canadian coins british and canadian coins

a sai devotee dreamt there were canadian and british coins materializing
on her skin… after baba had said to her “in canada they call you a pani”
(or did he say “in kannada they call you apani”)

loving abusers sending love to those most in need of it

baba told a woman author .. was it joy thomas or phyllis ? … when her plane was hijacked that she should send
love to the hijackers.
at the ashram another devotee, gopal, was confronted by a young girl who was abusing her baby brother..
angry that her parents had told her to babysit him. the meaner she was the more the baby screamed.
baba gave guidance to gopal to send love to the abusing girl first… she needed it more and
the situation would have been more polarized had she seen her brother bathed in attention.

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10/08/2005 transition sai baba at deathbed

i am sending a story about my husband’s earthly death. frank meszaros had prostate cancer and a tumor on his spine paralyzed him from the nipples down. he was hospitalized for a few months and grew to be uncomfortable with the medical profession because so many mistakes were made in the hospital by nurses and doctors. when he was released from the hospital, he and i had to adjust to a new world of creating mobility for him. we changed our eating habits to a macrobiotic diet and continued to offer prayer to sai baba. a new alter was made in the dinning room where frank’s hospital bed was placed. the alter was filled with pictures of baba, a hawk feather given to frank by a mayan priest, and pictures that related to his catholic up bringing.

frank’s heavenly journey when he died october 30, 1998, reminded me or a scene from forrest gump. when forrest visited his mother, she informed him that she would soon return to god’s home. it was so simply stated without fear or tears. frank went through such a natural, peaceful process that i was so privileged to share. part of creation’s plan allowed for the natural process of dying. as the autumn leaves gently released themselves from the trees of their life to become recycled in an ever changing process, it seemed symbolic of frank’s mind and spirit releasing the earth body.

i was unaware of his fate or nearing death when he first told me of his nightly visits with ‘baba’ (sai baba). he gave me simple messages from baba. baba says: ‘tell the truth; love everyone at first (judgment) then you will know to love them always; just be yourself always and not worry; love (sai-love) men and women in the same way — no competition; life is living and not going from expectation to expectation; baba says that he is inside of you always — you don’t have to go any where to find him; just be — no need for egotism; everyone is connected — part of one.’ as frank spoke these simple words, his eyes seemed focused above and his body language expressed a greater knowing beyond the words and this life time. one night frank prayed to baba and asked him if he could be a girl in his next life. i was surprised at this request and asked frank about it. he had no answer; he only wondered why the whole world has not learned ‘real love.’

when frank entered a stage of seeing ‘imaginary people,’ they were very real to him. i told him that he was much more perceptive than i and he needed to guide me as to where to walk so i would not hurt the other people. he obliged. it almost seemed appropriate as all soul’s eve approached that he could be on two planes — the earth and the ethereal. i e-mailed a friend, ‘last night he slept with one eye open. one looking in and one looking out. he is so peaceful on his new journey.’ his travels on another consciousness was normal according to the hospice helpers and they explained that he may talk to them and see many people he once knew who passed before him.

in another e-mail, i write, “he speaks of death, now. sometimes slightly scared because he will miss me but he adds, ‘you can always think of me.’” it seemed that he was more concerned for me. wednesday morning, carol gallardo and i laughed and joked as we proof read the newsletter to take it to the printer. he said, ‘i always loved hearing you two laugh.’ that was the last complete sentence i heard him speak. frank, who loved to elaborate, had taken on such simple word usage.

as frank’s mind and soul were on a new journey his body slowly began the natural process of closing down. each system slowed then stopped until the final last big inhalation and the heart then stopped. the body has its own orderly way of closing down. hospital care confuses the body by intravenous feeding when the digestive system is closing or giving oxygen to a respiratory system that needs only shallow slow breaths. the natural closing of the body is truly a beautiful process. i saw only a great peacefulness in frank. i took a wet washcloth and let drops of water fall on to his tongue and lips. i suspect that this deed was for my comfort and not for his. i learned the death process is natural and not to be feared. i have no idea what i perceived before. all that i can conger up is one minute you’re alive and the next you’re not because i was unaware that it was a process.

it also appeared that frank was having out of body experiences. more than once, i heard foot steps in the kitchen and went to check on the sounds origin. then i checked with frank and he told me that he was ‘just walking.’

the morning that he passed, tony gallardo found a lost medal of st. christopher in his shoe apparently at the time frank passed to his new life and concluded that frank had died.for his last earthly night, he was circled by friends. bobbi holliday lead a peaceful ceremony for his new journey.

friday morning frank, my life partner, died. many friends soon arrived at my door. i was encouraged to relax and take a bath as they worked as if they were of one mind to clean my home and make food. as i bathed and meditated i saw a dance of oneness taking place as people joined and shared in a task without a task master which created a gentle, serene atmosphere. the unity of all was without ego; a connection to the oneness; and a beautiful sharing. it seemed as frank’s words from baba were alive.

the mystery of the ring began to evolve. i heard friends say to one another, ‘is this your ring?’ with the reply, ‘no, it was just there.’ i had no idea about the ring until i went to use the phone and saw the black cameo ring given to frank by his father sitting next to the phone. it appeared to just appear. i hadn’t seen the ring in over a year except for a brief dream moment the night before yet it laid so openly next to the phone which i had used
consistently. could it be another happening from frank’s out of body experiences?

melva oseka who had once been a num, came to the home as she learned of franks’s journey and told me that she thought she saw jesus in heavenly colors approached her during her dreams that night but as jesus neared she saw that it was frank who came to give her a hug. she thought that this was a sign that frank would walk again after nearly a year of paralysis. she had no idea that frank had come to visit her farewell. the last words she had heard from frank a week earlier were, ‘i love you’ as the phone clicked to hang up.

when the house was refreshed and purified, mary jo rhodes led a sufi blessing and each said ‘thanks’ to frank for being a friend. the group left and then returned about five pm. friends shared in telling stories and eating and then jil grignon led a simple, powerful ceremony with a visualization that a golden guardian angel would now sit on our shoulders.

thank you for your sharing, sai-love, marge

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10/02/2005 swadharma poster was bringing in plants for the fall.. and noticed that 3 baba pictures had come down during the process… she asked baba why this had happened and opened at
random in the gita to a passage on krishna telling arjuna to fight

she had been receiving pressure from family and friends to get paid work
rather than continuing her ahimsa work… baba was telling her to listen
to her swadharma.. and not the projections of others…

he also told her to file with her local police department
the license number of a stalker

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9/01/2005 emuculum one morning as poster awoke, baba said to her ’emuculum’. she did not know
what this meant… with a meagre study of latin she thought it might mean
‘home of the emu’. that day a letter arrived from australia, home of the emu,
from peter singer, author of animal liberation, who said he gave consent to
be listed in the burger king boycott. (burger king withdrew veal and added
a veggie burger {not sure if it is vegan} and so the coalition went on to

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8/27/2005 frank baranowski http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabalist/message/19

the aura of sri sathya sai baba

by dr. gamini karunanayake
m.b.b.s. (cey.) d.i.h. r.c.p. (lond). r.c.s. (eng).

many people believe that all great saints and religious leaders have a large aura or halo around their bodies.

pictures and drawings of lord buddha, jesus christ, prophet mohamed and sai baba clearly highlight this halo or aura.

most people believed that this so called aura as depicted in the drawings was a myth and that the haloes were highlighted in order to enlighten the people about the greatness of these saints.

is this halo or aura a reality or myth ?

it is known that certain people especially those who are developed spiritually are able to see these auras.

in recent times it has been scientifically established that the halo around people is a reality.

an ultra sensitive camera called the ‘kirilian camera’ originally produced in 1939 in russia and subsequently re – invented in 1969 by an american called ” kendell johnson” is able to photograph the haloes around people.

professor frank baranowski; an american scientist attached to the university of arizona has specialized in bio – magnetic field radiation photography. he has photographed and interpreted the auras of many people with the ultra sensitive kirilian camera. he possesses kirilian photographs showing the energy rays and colours emanating from different people. it has been found that every one of us has an aura surrounding our bodies which extends to about 6 inches from our bodies. in people who are highly developed spiritually like saints and yogis. this aura extends to about 2 feet from their bodies. the colour of the aura varies from white to pink and blue.

the white in the aura indicates energy and the pink and blue indicate that the person is extending love and compassion towards others.

professor baranowski explains there are five different shades of auras denoting aesthetic, spiritual, intellectual, physical and moral aspects. these can all be scientifically explained. professor baranowski who had studied the auras of the great saints and yogis of india had heard about sri sathya sai baba. he went to white field in india and studied the aura around sai baba with the help of the kirilian camera.

he was left breathless by the aura and colours emanating from the body of sai baba. large thick bands of white, pink and blue flowed out from baba’s body. the most amazing thing was that there were thick bands of gold and silver in the aura which he had never seen in any other human being.

these rays of love and energy emanating from baba were enveloping the massive crowd at darshan who had come to see him.

these people were absorbing the rays of energy and love given out by baba. his aura extended to envelope the area in one mass or cloud of pink. it was all energy in the form of love that flowed from him.

it is said that people who go to see “sai baba” come back with renewed energy. it is like charging ones battery.

what about the size of the aura?

it was earlier stated that saints and spiritually developed people have an aura extending up to two feet from their bodies. it is also said that lord buddha had an aura which enveloped an entire city.

the aura extending from baghavan sri sathya sai baba was so huge that its margin could not be defined. the aura extended beyond the horizon.

professor baranowski has concluded that baba is not a human being and that he is a divine personality.

“sai baba” in his own words say that we are all god. he knows that he is god, whereas we do not know that we are god, although we have the potential to be god.
8/19/2005 anna marg bob s joked as he traveled around india after having baba’s darshan..
sampling the delights of indian cooking from the snowcapped himalayas to
the warm seas in the south, from bombay where hundreds of thousands gather to
send a ganesha murti into the sea…to the west where yogananda grew..
that his was the path of food.

italian actress a kind disciplined and beautiful italian actress went to see baba. he greeted her, using the name
of the new role she had just gotten in a german movie, a name she had told no one.

two sets of glasses the writer used to be the subject of ridicule for wearing 2 sets of
drugstore glasses … to magnify enough to see print.

now she wears no glasses, by baba’s grace. may baba now heal all eyes, all spirits.

pastel water colors… intense inks http://jeannettecaruth.blogspot.com/

jeannette caruth, a mystic poet and artist, has penned a book poem to swami.

no one but a self realized master can know all the avatar says.. unless he wills it.

thoughts on nonjudging thoughts on nonjudging

sai baba: god looks on sin as a mother looks upon her
baby’s first halting attempts to walk

jillelamudi mother: the mother sees no fault in any of her

starseed transmissions: you do not have enough data
to assign value to any action

bible: thou shalt not judge

sri yukteswar: the vanished lives of all are filled with many
shames. therefore do not judge.

ekagraha: even to say “i forgive you” is an attack because
it is the perception of another’s imperfection



On Atom Bombs

Even people who follow one religion fight frantically among
themselves, even when the religion directs them to show the other cheek, when a
slap is delivered by a foe on one!
Christians as they call themselves torture each other and
slaughter innocent lives with bestial glee! So, religion is not
responsible at all. The unrest is due to want of religion, rather
than the plethora of religion. It is blind fanaticism that is to be condemned,
not religion that is against it. Love of country can also be tainted by
fanaticism; it has led man to destroy by the atom bomb
innocent millions living in another country, hoping thereby to
secrure the safety of the country one loves. The mind where hatred and
egotism grow, can never appreciate religion. Is religion the cause of the
calculated cruelty of the atom bomb? No.

-Sri Sathya Sai Baba-
V 7 of the more than 42 v of Sathya Sai Speaks… pg 95
http://sathyasai.org in the discourse link



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