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Growing Global Climate Extremes Require Action


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General Stephen Cheney said on NPR that the European Union does not think
the US is doing enough to prevent global extremes (record breaking heat in summers, record breaking cold in winters, drought, fires, tornados, etc.) He has written that climate extremes are fast becoming a major security issue.
He reported that the Pentagon is the biggest user of fossil fuels in the US and perhaps the world.
Drones, jets, tanks, trucks, ships …… many are gas guzzlers.
How can the US Government do its part?1. end tree felling on national lands
2. end grazing on federal lands
3. reward building with nontree materials
4. penalize building with wood
5. disallow the purchase of meat and dairy with food stamps
(many scientists have documented the deforestation effects of ranching)
6. end meat and dairy in school lunch programs (and for health reasons, eliminate fish)
7. require the USPS and all other government agencies to use recycled paper in all boxes, envelopes, stamps etc.
8.  penalize the use of tree paper
9.  reward the use of nontree paper
10. reward solar and wind power development
11. penalize the use of fossil fuels
12. subsidize mass transit
13. reward the use of train and bus
14. plant trillions of fruit, nut and other trees
15. irrigate desert plantings
16. end national park mowing

17. require the use of nongas cars for all government transportation

How can individuals do our part?

1. eliminate meat and dairy (fish too for reasons of health and ethics)
2. as much as possible eliminate the use of paper products and wood
3. plant trees
4. stop mowing

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Brigadier General Stephen A Cheney might not agree with all of the above

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