1 Ohio Gov Kasich With CDC Help Promoting Killer “Vaccine” Which Also Destroys Teen Ovaries


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The Ohio Department of Health, led by an appointee of Republican Governor John Kasich,is running public service spots promoting Merck’s Gardasil, a lethal ‘anticancer’ vaccine which has killed dozens of  preteen and teen girls and which destroys their ovaries. It is also running ads developed by the pharmaceutical prostitutes at the Centers For Disease Control  for this lethal product

Because of an outcry in Texas when Governor Rick Perry, who has killed more people in the death chamber than any other governor in US history, tried to make the alleged cervical cancer vaccine mandatory, he withdrew his support during his short presidential campaign. 

Merck continues to promote the toxic ‘vaccine’ which prevents no cancer but causes deaths. This promotion is done through some of Merck’s politicians who have received contributions from the company.

The Ohio Department of Health is criminally silent about the real causes of cervical cancer:  meat, fish and dairy products loaded with the hormones forced on animals to make them gain water weight before slaughter.    http://pcrm.org

Some wonder if an ovary destroying drug is not a depopulation scheme.

George Merck’s bioterror weapons were a few years ago destroyed at Ft Meade in Maryland.

Unfortunately some radio stations heavily involved in the advertising of products from animal agony…. are promoting the public service spots.

Ohioans can vote out Kasich in November and change leadership of the Ohio “Department Of Health”.

– s shriver-


Young women’s ovaries destroyed by Gardasil

32 deaths from Merck’s Gardasil (HPV) as of several years ago

Gov Perry of Texas abandons plan to force toxic ‘vaccine’ on teenage girls
More on deaths from Gardasil


Pictures of a fraction of the girls killed by Gardasil



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