National Football League Violence


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The National Football League
1. causes football players
to hurt and kill themselves
with neck, knee, head, eye injuries.
2. causes them to harm others
with the same injuries
3. in encouraging the smashing
and tackling of their opponents,
the NFL encourages domestic violence
4. and child abuse
5. and programs the population
to war.
6. As gladiators were killed for the amusement
of the tyrant emperor and the coliseum mob
in ancient Rome, so football players are the
victims of financial greed and a lust for blood and excitement. As caesars turned thumbs down to the life of gladiators, so owners turn thumbs down to the protection and health of the players.

7.  Cheerleaders objectify and debase women.

Many want football, correlated to injuries and death as well as to domestic violence to be replaced in the schools by yoga, creator of health and peace.
Dan Diamond writes in Forbes: “NFL players suffer repeated blows to the head every Sunday. A star player …will get tackled hundreds of times every year. And there is evidence to suggest that all those hits to the brain may increase the propensity to commit domestic violence.”  Two NFL players are in the news for violence at homeThe NFL recently paid 750 million dollars to the many football player victims of permanent spine, paraplegia generating and other injuries… but the injuries continue.)


Does football make one violent?  Dan Diamond in Forbes

NFL Arrests for domestic violence


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