NSA: Largest Spy Agency In The World

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James Bamford has written 3 books about the US NSA, the National Security Agency. With 35,000 employees and 15,000 contractors, it is the world’s largest intelligence agency. It spies on people’s phone calls, email, and other communications around the world from sites in Utah, Augusta, Georgia, the Washington DC area, Ft Meade Maryland etc. The NSA turns over all its raw data to the Israeli government.


It is the only federal agency which was not established by Congress but by an executive order of Harry Truman, the man who dropped atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

When Bamford wrote his first book, one US senator did not know what the NSA was. The latest book is NSA SPYING AND EDWARD SNOWDEN
by James Bamford. 

The NSA spied constantly on James Bamford after another book on the NSA called THE PUZZLE PALACE.

 Phone records for virtually the entire world are kept for 5 years.

Michael Hayden is a former head of NSA.   Having further privatized the NSA computers he now profits from their sale.

A tv video on C Span’s Book TV features Bamford for an hour and 15 minutes. http://www.c-span.org/video/?317237-1/317237-1

While the US Government is cutting food stamps for the poor, the NSA budget keeps growing.

The Black Chamber was perhaps the first ancestor of the NSA. The Secretary of the US State Department, Henry Simson, was not aware of the Black Chamber though it was funded by the State Department.  Finding out about it Simson closed it down.

Herbert Yardley, head of the Black Chamber, decided to write a book about the Black Chamber. The government tried to put him in jail, and created a new law segment in order to prosecute him.


The NSA is not above kidnapping or breakins.  At 50,000 sites around the world the NSA has planted malware.

Federal Judge William Pauley, based in NY, has ruled the NSA has the right to spy on you, me and all.


A current lawsuit brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for the First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles sues the NSA based on the 1st Amendment and other law.


Bamford’s bibliography includes


Edward Snowden has accused the NSA of conducting industrial espionage.


Further waste of untold trillions of dollars comes from NSA’s denying information to the CIA which resulted in the CIA’s setting up its own listening posts.

Past operations of the NSA have included Operation Shamrock, spying on all telegrams, and Operation Minaret, spying on all antiwar protests. The name Minaret deceptively implies that the US antiwar movement is composed only of Moslems.

It was the NSA which spied on Dr Martin Luther King’s sex life and worked with J Edgar Hoover to release this information to selected people in the media. This was shortly before the FBI director was involved in planning the assassination of Dr King.

The current head of the NSA is Keith Alexander who is headquartered at Ft Meade, Maryland, which is also the place in which 4000 captive primates were held, and then given to

Battelle for anthrax weapons  in a billion dollar grant.

Bamford: Whistleblowers tell us what we have to know, rather than what we want to know.

Bamford: We can’t take shampoo onto an airplane but there are no limits on the number of assault weapons Americans can buy.

Footnote: Attempting to search for Bamford’s book on Amazon through Google, searchers are often directed to other books.

NSA tried to force the ‘clipper chip’ which would require all companies to give the NSA digital keys to their computers.  They failed, but they use the back door to corporate computers anyway.



Because of the chairmanship of the Armed Servcies Committee by Carl Levin andof the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence by Dianne Feinstein, there has been virtually no oversight of the NSA . These committee chairs,  have been instrumental in having all NSA data go to Israel.

Because of Senators Wyden and Udall, the email spying has allegedly stopped.



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