Fruit Stamps, Not Food Stamps

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In the US, the Farm Bill passed in January
with its cuts in food stamps for the poor.
Columbus Public Radio reported in 2013 that
50% of food stamp purchases are used
to buy animal and fish flesh and dairy
products. These are unhealthy foods which
cause all taxpayers to have to support
their medical costs from heart attacks,
strokes, food poisoning, many kinds of
cancer, arthritis,
kidney breakdown, etc.

Vegetarians and vegan taxpayers do not
want to be forced to subsidize animal
murder, human disease, environmental
hazards, energy waste, and famine
associated with the livestock economy,
any more than a Jew or Muslim wants
to be taxed for the pig flesh industry
or a Hindu for slaughterhouses in general.

Allowing food stamp purchases only for fruits and vegetables such as lentil burgers, lima, green, navy, and other beans, potatoes, rice, barley, peas, pumpkin pies, sesame seeds, nuts, squash, tomatoes,mango smoothies, orange, apple and hundreds of other juices,
ice creams and milks made from rice, coconut, almonds, cashes, and soy, falafel, tempeh, tofu, thousands of other nonviolent foods will reduce animal agony, human disease, and help reforest the planet. It will allow expansion rather than contraction of the program. By cutting the
half of the budget which goes for toxic food, tens of millions can receive more help.

The tens of trillions the US Government has spent on criminal, stupid, violent wars
are the reason money for the poor has not been available.

Food Stamps are an extremely expensive subsidy to brutal industries abusing animals and causing disease to people.

-saiom shriver-,000+Vegan+Recipes
100,000 vegan recipes


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