Coinstigator Of The Afghanistan And Iraq Wars, Executioner Jeb Bush

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Jeb Bush was a
coconspirator in the
theft of the 2000 election
from the citizens of the US,
supervisor of the removal
of untold thousands illegally
from the voting rolls,
the man who directed that
policeman be in
black and Hispanic neighborhoods
shutting off roads leading to the
polls. Jeb Bush was in charge of the decision of the

Jacksonville metropolitan paper’s decision to spread disinformation
about the ballot in black neighborhoods. Because of his colossal crime,
the war in Iraq by G H W Bush was
again instituted and euphemistically
called Desert Storm.  Because of
his felonious action, the war in
Afghanistan was begun by his brother.

Like his brother George, Jeb Bush executed
a woman.  Because Jeb Bush did not prevent
the execution of a man named Diaz, the man
had several inches of chemical burns on his right
and left arms. Altogether, he turned thumbs down to
21 requests for mercy, and executed 21 people, more than
several other Florida governors.  Florida and Texas
remain 2 of the last 9 states involved in state
judicial and prosecutorial murder.

When he was asked what he would do for African Americans if elected, he replied ‘probably nothing’.
Jeb Bush was a proponent of offshore drilling.
Florida depends heavily on its tourist industry.

He served on the board of a Norwegian company which sold fire equipment for oil operations.


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