Control Freak Caregivers

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What is it about being around a powerless person which brings out the sadist in the caregiver?


Senior citizens misfortunate enough to lose control of their own lives find their freedom and power curtailed in many ways.


Many times

They are put under draconian guardianships and lose their power of attorney

Their freedom to come and go is removed

Their animals are placed or destroyed

Their possessions and money are stolen, removed.

Some are even institutionalized

In nursing homes, according to a recent AARP and many other studies, they are forced to

   take antipsychotic drugs

Both at home and in institutions, they can lose the power to watch or listen to their own choice

  of program.

They are often physically abused.

Their pain medications are stolen.

Their times of sleeping and waking are forced on them.

They can’t eat what they choose to eat.

They seem to attract control freaks.


Poem “Where The Groceries Went” by Raymond Carver

Living In the Land of Limbo: Fiction and Poetry about Family Caregiving

Pic source:


-saiom shriver-


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