Al Sharpton: 170 Lb Wt. Loss In Becoming Vegan

Al Sharpton 170 lb. wt. loss as Vegan

Al Sharpton has lost 170 pounds in becoming vegan. Dick Gregory lost a great deal of weight in his
odyssey from nonvegetarian to vegan.

/>   many many champion athletes

Other new  and longtime vegans are billionaire Mort Zuckerman, entertainers Brad Pitt, Woody Harrelson, Ozzy Osbourne.
Vegetarians include Ellen DeGeneres, Danny DeVito

Isocaloric studies done at Harvard by Dr Mervyn Hardinge before he left for an institution more
favorable to vegan diet (Harvard is heavily invested in animal flesh, armaments etc)
found that after 3 months with each participant eating  the same number of calories daily,
nonvegetarians weighed 23 pounds more than vegans and 12 pounds more than dairy vegetarians

Saiom Shriver


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