States Of Washington Oregon California On Fire


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States Of Washington, California And Oregon Still ON Fire


Towering pinespires

now pillars of fire

innocent mammals

burned into friers…

to reach God:

source of all rain

our prayers aspire



May God’s rain

be washing

the state of Washington.


-saiom shriver-






The forced subsidizing of the livestock industries by taxpayers cause overgrazing and drought helps 750,000 ranchers create drought through overgrazing.


The Washington fires are still burning after weeks and have been joined by those in Oregon.

The USG does not have the highest volume water carrier planes.  Animals, birds, reptiles are burning alive.


Obama joins the 2 Bush men as a bomber of Iraq!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/western-wildfires.jpg


God send rain now to all the deserts of the world and to put out all forest and prairie fires, all bomb and missile fires, all homes on fire


300 square miles of  forest in the state of Washington have been on fire


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