****** The Many Ways Soldiers Die


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In The Spanish American War
7 times as many US soldiers were killed by
malaria and typhoid as from bullets

In World War I, American
soldiers were killed by
poison gas bioterror.

In World War II and
the Korean War they
were killed by
Japanese encephalitis

In Vietnam, they
were killed by
napalm and Agent Orange.

In Iraq they were killed
by depleted uranium.

They are killed by suicide, drugs, alcoholism,
STD’s, friendly fire, training accidents, food
poisoning,  135 degree heat,  deaths by freezing in the
mountains of Afghanistan,  plane crashes.
They were sent to battle in unguarded Hummer’s and in
nonprotective clothing.

As the media and government paws of the plutocracy
contemplate the heinous bombing of yet another country,

may the citizens of the US and world speak out.

As deplorable, as horrifying as a death from decapitation
is, thousands times more currently are dying from burns
and smashings in plutocracy pawn Obama’s airstrikes.

In God’s eyes, all soldiers,  all human beings are equal.

-saiom shriver-

Military hospitals putting patients at risk





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