Z: Antiantiquarian

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Freedom loving Aquarians
are antiantiquarian.
Underdog defending Aquarians
are antiauthoritarian.

Friends to all, humanitarians,

those kissed by stars Aquarian.


-saiom shriver-

Footnote: Picture is of Ralph Nader, consumer activist

all his life who, a pisces, has several planets in aquarius.  Other aquarians: Abraham Lincoln,  Betty Friedan, Jackie Robinson,

Angela Davis, Franklin D

Roosevelt, Horace Greeley, RCS, TW,  LRH, EAK, MLM and 1/12 of the human

and nonhuman species. Everyone has an 11th house,

the aquarian chamber of the wheel of the

zodiac. Everyone also has the planet uranus,

which rules, aquarius, somewhere in the chart




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