Fruit Sugar, Fructose, Is Better Than Sucrose, Beet Or Cane Sugar

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Fruit sugar comes in polysaccharides, disaccharides and monosaccharides. An apple has several differently timed capsules of sweet energy which over several hours give energy, the monosaccharides burning most quickly and the polysaccharides the least, whereas sugar is like a match whose fire blows out quickly.

Marion Burros of the New York Times wrote that unlike sugar, fructose bypasses the pancreas, not requiring insulin. It is sugar and overweight which are linked to diabetes, not fructose. Sugar is also linked like coffee to pancreatic cancer.

Fruit sugar, fructose, is a gift of trees, berry bushes, vines and plants. They literally drop their free food into your lap. This includes sweeteners from dates, grapes, etc. Tree sugars cause less violence than machine harvested sugars.

Unlike beet and cane sugar, fruit sugars create more greenery per acre. Any sweet fruit can be a source for fruit sugar. Dates, apples, pears, grapes, mangos are some of the hundreds of fruits which can yield sweets. Corn is also a fruit. High fructose corn syrup is more concentrated than regular corn syrup.

Sugar on the other hand comes from sugar cane or beets. Sugar cane fields are often burned to make harvesting easier. Mammals, birds, reptiles, insects are burned alive. Animals are shredded when the beets are harvested by huge machines.

The charcoal of animal bones, also called bone black, ivory black, animal charcoal or abaiser, is used as a whitening agent for cane sugar. It causes cancer.

What industries are attacking fructose from corn syrup? The cane sugar, beet sugar, aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners have great lobbying power. Sugar has for many decades received US government subsidies.

Aspartame, an ant killer, was about to be banned by the FDA when Ronald Reagan as a favor toDonald Rumsfeld circumvented the FDA. Rumsfeld was at the time CEO of Searle which was marketing Aspartame. Aspartame causes brain lesions.

Linus Pauling, only winner of Nobel prizes in both chemistry and peace, wrote that an orthomolecule (or best molecule) was a fruitarian molecule. He also wrote that neurotransmitters
in the human brain are similar to some molecules in fruit.

Avoiding all processed and concentrated sweeteners is best. But if you don’t wish completely to eliminate sweets, please know who are funding the ‘scientific’ propaganda and that sweets derived from fruits are better than sweets derived from killing plants.

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