Newspaper Promoting Desensitization of Children

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Beacon Journal  Promoting Desensitization of Children

The Akron Beacon Journal, a deforesting warpromoting pawn of conservative politics is a daily newspaper owned by a Canadian corporation. It is desensitizing children
to the suffering of animals by promoting animal abuse.

“Mutton Bustin’ School” at Creek Bend Ranch in Burbank, Wayne County. teaches children that sheep do not feel pain.

To object please call publisher Mark Cohen 330 996 3205


Reporter Katie  at 330-996-3216 or” rel=”nofollow”>Publisher and editor contact information at
/> The Beacon Journal has also recently promoted teaching children to kill or maim
animals with bows and arrows as well as a sheep slaughter operation within the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area. Were residents thrown out of their homes by federal eminent domain to give butchers land? In addition, despite the fact that many courts have ruled compulsory mowing to be unconstitutional and antienvironmental, the newspaper has promoted lawnmowing.

Many daily newspapers have gone out of business as more and more receive their news
on the internet, satellite radio etc.

There are a number of sheep slaughter videos on the internet which document to any
conscious human being that sheep suffer when they are murdered.×2-940×627.jpg  21,000 Australian sheep scheduled to be destroyed


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