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Fiery Ferment

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The sun’s fiery
in the firmament
turns cool green
in the fir 

 -saiom shriver-


Vulnerable Trilliums, Movable Seeds, Winter Green, Ignited To Action, Desert Rain, Violent Pyramids


-saiom shriver-

Our Father taught us
not to harm trilliums.
“If you pluck trilliums
it kills them”
even if a field
as trillions
of trilliums.


Some seeds cling to Mother
Earth, such as
moonchildren pine cones
and some are
sagittarian acorns
rolling away
from where they were born.


Victoria brought the custom
of Christmas trees
from Germany.
She was
Britain’s queen.
Now there and
in America
thieves rob
many woods
of winter green.


The hardworking man, after
years, it was found,
never learned to read.

The criminal, the trial
revealed, had slept in
the bathtub every night,
in fear. His mother had
beaten him severely each
time he wet the bed.

The starving stray dog
left pawprints of blood.

We had tred on the sacred
ground of their suffering,
and so withdrew, humbled
and ignited to action.

Footnote: Michael
Connelly wrote of the
criminal with a violent

Inherently violent
are pyramids
of hierarchy.
Those lower in
the structure
find their own
destinies stifled
their souls’ higher arcs
are truncated by the
orders of


Rain dances
Trains filled with cars
full of water
Water pipelines
Many drought solutions
for hearts
to God aligned…desert-rain.jpg

Scorpio Metamorphosis

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The scorpion
becomes the eagle
when he soars high above
and in detachment
from the foibles of others.

-saiom shriver-
Footnote: Scorpio is the most sensitive
of all signs. While air signs blow away
their problems, earth signs bury them,
and fire signs shine on them, for water signs
pain is like a dye, hard to escape. Scorpio
is the sign of forgiveness.  The astrological
eagle does not prey on other life forms.

Sailstarred, Sandsifting, Seaweedscripted Sea


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Sailstarred, shellshored, streamswelled
sandsifting, seaweedscripted sibilant Sea
secedes silently, softly

Shadowed shallows sheathing scallops,
sheltering seals, shielding scuttling snails,
shrouding sharks. Sands shifting secrete starfish,
scampering shrimp.

Serene Sea supports Spanish scows, Sicilian
skiffs, Senegalese schooners, Seychelles ships,
Sardinian sculls.

Saltsmelling sailors see soaring shrieking
seagulls, striped sunrise, shining sunset,
shshshing surf.

Sudden surprising storm’s symphonic sounds
slap shore shacks. Snows slip seaward, spring-subdued.
Soon sloop slides spiral sleep stairway.

 -saiom shriver-

Manhattan Kindergarten

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He had been a high ranking officer in a previous life.
When he was reborn during the 40’s, his parents
sent him to a Manhattan kindergarten, where at the
age of 5, he led his classmates out the open window
of the schoolroom, down the fireescape, down the
sidewalk to the light, and across the street to
Central Park . The school administrator asked his parents
to find him another school.

(per his sister JMF)

-saiom shriver-

Pyrophoric Paraphilia


Is firefly love
pyrophoric, igniting
spontaneously in air,
creating new lightning?

-saiom shriver-

Footnote: On a nonfantasy note,
trimethylindium and t-butyl lithium are pyrophoric substances.
They ignite spontaneously in air.
Research into pyrophoric substances
has killed at least two workers.