Pepsi Burning Animals Alive In Going Back To Sugar

There has been a war between sugar and corn centimillionaires in the last few years.  Because of disinformation in the anti-fructose campaign,
Pepsi has gone back to sugar from corn based fructose.

1. Marian Burros, food editor of the NY Times, wrote that sugar requires pancreatic action whereas fructose does not. Sugar causes diabetes.
2. Corn syrup comes from a fruit (ears of corn).  Sugar requires the killing of a plant.
3. Corn products have a much higher yield per acre than sugar.
4. It is a practice in many countries to burn sugar cane fields, a practice which results in the burning alive of
all the small mammals, birds, reptiles, butterflies and other winged insects
living in those fields.
5. Unlike sugar which burns up immediately in the body as sucrose, causing wild energy swings,  accelerated heart rate, more frequent urination etc., fruit sugar has polysaccharides,
disaccharides, and monosaccharides so that there is an even gradual time release of energy.
6. Sugar has a greater impact in rotting teeth than fructose.

7. Fructose is actually sweeter than sugar.

8. Human beings kill untold zillions of bees in stealing honey from them.  Some hive owners kill the whole hive each year rather than feed them the fruits of their own labor each winter.  Bees are crushed as hiveowners move racks in and out. The wings of the queen bee are often clipped so that she cannot locate the hive where she wishes.  Bayer and other insecticides companies have been responsible for the decimation of bees.
9.  Linus Pauling, winner of 2 Nobel Prizes, one in biochemistry and one for peace, established an institute for the study of orthomolecules.  An orthomolecule or ideal molecule he said…. is fruit, which speeds up the transmission of data across nerve synapses.  Many neurotransmitters are very similar in molecular structure to fruit orthomolecules.

 It is best to have sweets naturally in whole fruits such as dates, figs, peaches, mangos etc. It is best to derive sugar from tree crops, not machine harvester plant crops. But sugar is more harmful than any other natural sweetener.

Pepsi, please take the carcinogenic caramel color, the brain lesion causing aspartame (NutraSweet which was first developed as an antkiller) and sugar out of your products.   Please reduce the cost of your potato chips and other snacks.

1 (800) 433-2652  Pepsi Customer Service,_Queensland,_1959.jpg

Saiom Shriver-


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