** Governor Ed Fitzgerald Of Ohio: Make It Happen!

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Revised Oct 9 2014

Reasons to vote out John Kasich from the governor’s mansion and vote in Ed Fitzgerald

1. Murder by the State:

There are 9 executing governors out of 50 in the US. Over 2/3 of the world’s countries do not execute. No country can join the European Union if it is involved in this ancient barbarism.  John Kasich has without mercy sent 12 men to their deaths.

2. Promotion of War

When John Kasich was a regular on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, he frequently promoted the illegal wars of G W Bush.

3. Personal Corruption

John Kasich was an executive with Lehman Brothers when the corporation went bankrupt.

4. Fracking earthquakes and poisoning of the watershed

   Kasich is in the pockets of oil and gas billionaires such as the Koch Brothers.

5. Enemy of Mass Transit

Kasich, like fellow pawns of petroplutocrats Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Rick Scott of Florida, sent back several hundred million dollars to Washington, money earmarked for mass transit and trains linking Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.

6. Promoting Killer Vaccines

Kasich’s appointee is advertising that parents of young girls should force them into ‘anticancer’ vaccines, the Gardasil of Merck which has killed dozens of girls and destroyed the ovaries of many more.

7. Library Funds Cut Five Times

Kasich has five times reduced further the money the state gives municipal libraries.

8.  Encouragement of Bow and Arrow Hunting

Kasich has not cut the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources funds designed to desocailize children to violence while teaching them how to shoot arrows into innocent animals.

9. Violence Increases When The State Encourages Chidlren to Kill

FBI profiles of serial killers and countless studies indicate that serial killers come most frequently from the ranks of hunters, laboratory researchers on animals, butchers, men trained to kill in the military.

10. Factory Farm Inaction

Under Kasich’s administration, there has been virtually no action to eliminate factory farms with their hideous animal cruelty, their dumping of trillions of gallons of solid and liquid waste into the watershed, their use of child labor etc.

11. Health Insurance

Under Kasich, Ohioans, not a wealthy state, pay the 4th highest insurance premiums in the country.


Residents of 11 Ohio counties including Medina, Summit, Stark, and Columbiana were not consulted when through fraudulent eminent domain their property was seized for a fracking pipeline, a consequence of the water poisoning earthquake causing fracking industry, a pipeline with massive risk of ground water pollution and explosions as well as environmental damage to people’s property.  This pipeline is thoroughly backed by Kasich and the Republicans in the Ohio House.  Spectra Energy is attempting to ram through its “Nexux Gas Transmission”.

Ohio has not since Al Gore was elected president been a Republican state, only a Republican vote fraud state.

The Republican Party’s decision to choose Cleveland Ohio as its convention site this year is partly due to Ohio’s alleged historical role as a swing state, but also a bid to try to keep executioner John Kasich in the governor’s office.  Previous Republican Party thefts of the Ohio vote helped install the unelected George Bush twice. These are documented in a congressional committee investigation and by many numerous studies including one by Robert F Kennedy Jr. published in Rolling Stone magazine.

http://www.edfitzgeraldforohio.com/ website of the 47 year old Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald

Time To Replace Executioner, Petroplutocrat Pawn, Library Funds Slasher John Kasich
Only 5 governors of 50 are still murdering prisoners in the name of the state.  One is John Kasich of Ohio and to replace him with soon to be 47 year old Ed Fitzgerald.

Executioner, mass transit opponent, slasher of library funds,
nonenforcer of Ohio environmental law, governor John Kasich
should be dumped this fall. Please help make Democrat Ed Fitzgerald governor of Ohio.

While Kasich spends millions of state money for each murdered prisoner and uses tax money to support brutal bow and arrow hunting, he has cut library hours FIVE times. In Summit County 15 fewer hours a week at the library are now available.

The current incumbent, John Kasich, is one of only FIVE
governors our of FIFTY still involved in the barbarism
of state murder of prisoners (execution). The US is one of only 12%
of the world’s countries still involved in judicial,
prosecutorial, gubernatorial or other government
murder. Kasich ignores Episcopalian, Lutheran, Catholic,
Methodist, Presbyterian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Jewish and
other groups opposed to state murder. Republicans on the Ohio Supreme Court have helped.

Stop the fracking industry and Kasich from poisoning Ohio’s waters


When Abraham Lincoln was murdered, a funeral train brought his body through Cleveland and Columbus to Cincinnati. In the early 1900’s, a triumvirate of powerful car, gas, and tire men sought around the country to kill trains and streetcars. The Cleveland to Cincinnati train disappeared. For many decades now Ohioans have been working to bring back that train. But Kasich, indebted to oil and gas men for his election, sent 400 million dollars in mass transit money back to Washington. 2 of the 3 (Rockefeller, Ford and Firestone) who destroyed the US train system were Ohioans. Many cities and towns in Ohio clamored to be included in the Cleveland to Cincinnati route. Amtrak ridership has increased 10 of the last 11 years. Trains are hundreds times more efficient than planes, buses, and cars. Kasich was not alone in vetoing the mass transit wishes of citizens. Executioner Governor Rick Scott of Florida and unionbuster Scott Walker of Wisconsin also sent back hundreds of millions.


Because of the Cleveland Clinic, Summa, and other hospital conglomerates as well as insurance scams by United health Care and others, Ohioans pay the 4th largest premiums in the country . when Kasich came into office he began slashing Medicaid recipients from the rolls and increasing copays for the poorest Ohioans. When a number of states recently took federal funds to expand Medicaid, Ohio was among them but the negligent phone contacts, the months and months for approval have made the Republican supervision of Medicaid in Ohio very inefficient. Medicaid applicants are not always known if their are rejected, nor the reason for the rejection.


Ohio has an unusually high percentage (15%) of its teacher pension funds invested in hedge funds which follow the two and twenty rule.  They automatically take 2% of all the assets and 20% of the profits.

The Kasich administration has falsified its jobs record.

John Kasich has 5 times further reduced the money
for Ohio libraries, yet there have been no such reductions
for the 5% of the population who enjoy slaughtering bears,
killing deer, trapping beaver. The Ohio Dept. of Natural
Resources actually spends tax money promoting the brutal blood ‘sport’ of bow and arrow hunting. Some state univesity libraries which by law must allow use by community residents have been making these patrons stand at computers. Ohio funded libraries seldom provide scanners, microphones, current software.

John Kasich was an executive of Lehman Brothers when that company went bankrupt.

He was a frequent warmonger guest on monopolist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News. Murdoch’s NewsCorp has been itself making news illegally tapping British citizens.

He has accepted over a half million dollars in contributions from his political appointees.


When a regular guest on Fox News, John Kasich frequently promoted the illegal wars of G W Bush.


Under Kasich, Voinovich, and Taft, billions have been spent for buildings and stadiums… but few can afford to go to college in these expensive buildings constructed by corporations which contributed to Republican governors.


The Republicans of Ohio have cut way back on early voting because they are a minority party. The Republican attorney general of Ohio has tried to throw 26 million dollars of state legal business to one of his biggest Columbus law firm contributors. Ohio Republicans were responsible for vote fraud which twice installed the unelected George W Bush and stole the presidency of the elected Al Gore and John Kerry.


Ohio pension funds under the control of Republican Josh Mandel and others are dangerously invested in fast food despite Wall St. warnings that fast food chains are a bad investment.


One controversial issue is abortion legislation. The majority of people favor the right to have a first trimester abortion while opposing third trimester abortions.. Women’s rights groups are often on the opposite side of fundamentalist groups and half of Catholics. Kasich has taken a ‘prolife’ position, while frequently on Fox News supporting the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bombing of Libya etc in which abortion by bomb has been commited.


Kasich opposed Ohioans For Humane Farms legislation. http://www.progressohio.org/2010/05/cqgt/

Many animals died because Kasich was late to act on exotic animals. The Kasich administration’s ODNR has aggressively spent tax dollars promoting the torture of animals called bow and arrow hunting.  Members of the Kasich administration have encouraged local communities to massacre deer rather than working on expanding habitat for voiceless animals.

Kasich administration Republicans have done virtually nothing to shut down brutal Ohio factory farms.






Despite Ed’s youthful appearance he will be 46 in 2014 and has experience as a mayor, a county executive, and in law enforcement.






From derailing antifracking action and inaction regarding forest protection o killing untold numbers of trees for lottery tickets, the Kasich administration has been the enemy of nature. Kasich’s brake on Ohio trains has meant more gas and oil pollution.


Ohio Gov Kasich Promoting Killer “Vaccine” Which Also Destroys Teen Ovaries   user img

The Ohio Department of Health, led by an appointee of Republican Governor John Kasich,is running public service spots promoting Merck’s Gardasil, a lethal ‘anticancer’ vaccine which has killed dozens of  preteen and teen girls and which destroys their ovaries.

Because of an outcry in Texas when Governor Rick Perry, who has killed more people in the death chamber than any other governor in US history, tried to make the alleged cervical cancer vaccine mandatory, he withdrew his support during his short presidential campaign. 

Merck continues to promote the toxic ‘vaccine’ which prevents no cancer but causes deaths. This promotion is done through some of Merck’s politicians who have received contributions from the company.

The Ohio Department of Health is criminally silent about the real causes of cervical cancer:  meat, fish and dairy products loaded with the hormones forced on animals to make them gain water weight before slaughter.    http://pcrm.org

Some wonder if an ovary destroying drug is not a depopulation scheme.

George Merck’s bioterror weapons were a few years ago destroyed at Ft Meade in Maryland.

Unfortunately some radio stations heavily involved in the advertising of products from animal agony…. are promoting the public service spots.

Ohioans can vote out Kasich in November and change leadership of the Ohio “Department Of Health”.


Young women’s ovaries destroyed by Gardasil

32 deaths from Merck’s Gardasil (HPV) as of several years ago

Gov Perry of Texas abandons plan to force toxic ‘vaccine’ on teenage girls

More on deaths from Gardasil


Pictures of a fraction of the girls killed by Gardasil





Footnote: When one looks in a search engine for Fitzgerald’s website, the plutocratic search engine owners put John Kasich’s website first.



This article is the writing of the author who has not had contact with the Fitzgerald campaign   Picture is from http://media.cleveland.com/metro/photo/9178268-large.jpg



In 2004, when John Kerry ran against George Bush for the presidency, those typing up his name in the search were given 19 antiKerry sites to every 1 proKerry. Google claimed falsely that they do not control the algoritthms which were a part of the hundreds of categories of fraud used by the Republican Party.  Google is once again using similar tricks in the Fitzgerald campaign.






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