Omnivore’s Dilemma

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The omnivore’s dilemma reminds
one of Tolstoy’s statement:
“Who is worse? the wolf who
dispassionately eats a lamb
or the wolf who cries while
eating?” The omnivore’s dilemma
is that he is addicted to meat
(the trioxypurine in meat is
stronger than dioxypurine or caffein).

Such omnivores might start a society
of 3 legged animals, for those who love meat but
don’t want to kill.

It is basically the meat, fish
and dairy industries making
trillions of dollars from the cadavers
of murdered innocents
who are trying to keep the dietary
debate going.

When life insurance companies
started giving discounts to
vegetarians, vegans and fruitarians because of less
cancer, heart disease, stroke
incidence, kidney dysfunction,
food poisoning, Alzheimer’s,
diabetes, obesity etc.
it was because their bottom
line is making money off of
the longest lived people:
vegetarians and vegans.

Books by Dr Stillman, Adele Davis, Dr Atkins, the Eads, etc
promoting toxic high animal protein diets were funded by
vested interests. The Reader’s
Digest, Good Housekeeping, and
other  animal flesh promoters
have an eye on ad money.  

an imaginary dialogue between Michael Pollan and the bull he arranged to have murdered

-saiom shriver-


The picture is of the bull (after castration defined by his lack of testicles and renamed a steer) who was never named but only numbered #534 by Michael Pollan, New York Times writer and author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma


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