Interpol Worked To Kidnap British Child Whose Parents Seek Less Lethal Cancer Treatment


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The BBC has been promoting the kidnapping of Ashya King, a 5 year old victim of cancer whose parents exercised their right to seek what they considered the best treatment for his cancer and to remove their son from Southampton Hospital in the UK. Millions reject the cut, burn and poison ‘treatments’ of hospitals aligned to the pharmaceutical industry and the cancer industry. 

There has been so much public outcry in Britain against the police action that even conservative PM David Cameron has been dragged into opposing the actions of the Crown Prosecution Service, which finally has withdrawn its prosecution of the Kings.

In Michigan, the state tried to force chemotherapy on a cancer-free child

In Ohio, a court ruled that Children’s Hospital of Akron could force toxic ‘chemotherapy’ on a child despite the parents’ strong objections.

Chemotherapy is very painful, causes dozens of side effects including destruction of the immune system.

– s shriver-

Interpol’s illegal involvement


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