Cowkilling Cowboys Want To Kill Wild Horses Too

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The cowkilling ranchers of Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming whose 6 senators have 18 times as much power per person in the US Senate as the 3 most populous states of California, Texas and New York (4.3 million as compared to 78 million), whose ranches are correlated to drought, mudslides, global heating, dozens of kinds of human disease from animal flesh consumption,
 mammal agony, energy waste etc., now want some of the last mustangs in the world to be murdered by the US Government.

It’s time for a proportional Senate, elections of federal judges, and an end to country music glamorizing of the massacres of ‘cowboys’.

A few years ago, British Petroleum was pressuring for the hunting of mustangs by helicopter, the octopus oil company maintaining that ‘its’ pipeline (transporting American oil for which it paid absurdly low prices) was interfered with.

-s shriver-


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