The Average Vegan Weighs 23 Pounds Less Than The Average Nonvegetarian


While a newspaper columnist promotes toxic food, numerous studies establish that vegans and fruitarians are more slender and healthful

The Average Vegan We...

Above: Serena Williams: vegan 5 times winner of US Open


Dr Keith Roach has a syndicated column in which he gives his own opinions on health care questions, besides helping ax millions of trees killed for his column.

This week he replied to a question on cholesterol and diet, falsely stating in effect that vegetarians do not weigh less than nonvegetarians. Roach also ignored the polysaturated nature of animal fat which clogs the arteries of the brain, heart, and arteries, causing heart attacks and strokes.

Countless studies prove otherwise, including one by Mervyn Hardinge, MD at Harvard before he
left the animal flesh invested university. Hardinge did isocaloric studies. Three control groups, nonvegetarian, vegetarian and vegan, received the same number of calories daily. After three months, the nonvegetarians weighed 11 pounds more than the dairy vegetarians and 23 pounds more than the vegans.

Vegetarians and vegans have more fiber, natural bulk, in their diets. It is nonvegetarians in heavy meateating countries such as the US, Canada, Argentina, Australia who have the highest rates of intestinal cancer in the world.

If you want truth, ask your newspaper to discontinue Roach.

For reliable information, there are thousands of vegan physicians with no financial ax to grind
at, Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine.


Dave Scott, Vegan Ma...
Dave Scott, vegan many time winner of Ironman contest

-saiom shriver-


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