One Cup Of Toxic Brew

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One cup of coffee.. the jumpstart of hundreds of millions.. I’ve had you every day.. for 45 have made me bitter, angry, impatient, in or not in traffic
This cup full of heavy metals…. has caused ulcer generating acid in my stomach, removed enamel from my teeth,…and drained calcium from my bones,  unnaturally stimulated my heartbeat… eroded my optic nerves…and reduced my sight. In my case it generated a placental abruption and loss of my infant son.

Your dioxypurines* are addictive and crystallize around my joints jabbing me with pain making me rigid, inflexible.. both in mind and body, causing obstacles to concentration after the initial high. The alternative decaffeination chemicals are also toxic (unless they are saltwater decaffeinated) .

I have not always bought organic coffee… and the insecticides in each cup make a poison brew. The caffein is a diuretic.. stimulating frequent trips to the bathroom. Coffee is also a factor in bladder and pancreatic cancer.  Its interference with peaceful energy flow is a factor in diabetes.

Coffee handed out in styrofoam cups interacts with heat to create cancer-causing styrene which mixes with the coffee.

Your bright berries grow in the high mountain sun..I love you, coffee trees but may I switch to blackberry and blueberry and elderberry teas…not teas steeped in the leaves untimely ripped from their mother trees..leaves whose tannic acid contains caffein and causes ulcers but teas from berries.. given freely by the bush and vine.

*dioxypurines are addictive caffein in coffee… but even stronger are the trioxypurines, the addictive oxypurines in animal flesh
which come from the uric acid or pre-urine in all meats and
** It used to be said that only a king like Henry the 8th
could eat enough meat to contract gout.
** some of these facts also apply to caffein in sodas, caffein containing medications

-saiom shriver-



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