infinite design of the divine, forgiving trickle, gentle roach

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4 POEMS  -saiom shriver-



Though not gone are the cold icicles
melted are forgiveness’
beginning trickles


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They shrink not from
the approach
of a gentle roach.
On the rights of the small
they will not encroach



According to Mary Lou Henley Danny DeVito would not allow anyone to harm the cockroaches on the set of Taxi. She said he convinced her to become vegetarian. A Terry Gross Show , perhaps BobbieWomack, reported that Jimmy Hendrix would never step on a roach. DPB: At my school the cockroaches could distinguish between the killers and the nonkillers, and they knew that they were more likely to be harmed by people standing at a sink than if seated on the commode. Buddhist James Coburn, reported Vegetarian World, would not harm a fly.

Thank you to MKJ

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Watermelons with alternating
of forest green and lime
Breadfruit with many hues of
mosaic diamonds
Crimson skinned apples with
constellations of gold stars
Nutbrown coconut husks
Eggplant purples
Opened pomegranates
with seeds not of granite
but juicy rubies hidden
in chambers
Pears of yellow and amber
Violet grapes in clusters
swelling with the sun’s luster

These are not the green
of meat’s gangrene,
the rust red of congealed
animal flesh blood
but the entire color spectrum
only in nonviolent fruit.*

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When was His first consecration
of myriad blazing constellations…
glowing stars whose radiance
on silent nights
confers quiet consolation

and draws us gently to

 spiritual concentration



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