church and state, cursebreaker, ornate frame, palm sculptor, caterpillar greed

5 POEMS-saiom shriver-


If God is omnipresent
if God is everywhere
if the sun pours light into
each point of the air
then to attempt to separate
God from the state is
vainly to try for a
spiritual lobotomy.
After castles and forts
have fallen, after tanks
have rusted away,
God’s many kinds
of shrines remain.
Footnote: this is not an
endorsement for any theocratic
state… whether one in which
Sharia, or Mormon
in historical Utah, or present
day Israel, or the established
Church of England…dominates, but
the right of everyone to speak
his own prayer.

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He who guided the
sea to carve the caves
who causes fruit trees
to drop for-all alms
has sculpted unique lines
in each person’s palms.

footnote: A man complained to
Sathya Sai Baba that his lifeline
was short. Baba patted the man’s
hand. He looked at it and saw
that his lifeline had been

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God enables the
greed for leaves
as fuel for cocoon
from which
the entombed bug
will a resurrected
body receive.




Make life better;
don’t make it worse.
By forgiving,
release every being
from each curse.


Footnote: Forgiving does not require that one

interact with a negative person,

but to send him or her light.


God of all
break all curses now and forever.

Sri Yukteswar: ‘the explosive
vibratory power of speech’

Lisa K: Do not tempt fate
by speaking such words

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A too ornate gilded frame

detracts from the

painting flame

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