Mother Nature’s Copyrights


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Buckminster Fuller
conceived geodesic domes
from pondering
bees’ honeycombs

Fibonacci discovered
plant patterns grown
watching rows of sunflower
seeds and pinecones

Japanese trains
faster arrive
copied from kingfisher’s
splashless dive

A 30 foot high
column of might
built with vents
by many termites
… its temperature
87 degrees
though outside the range
is 30 to 110 degrees

Scientists study the
the  masterfullly designed
of the nonpacifist spider
 with its radial and spiral

Sailboat battens and
plane wings
were mimicked by
observers of bird wings

Velcro inventor
George de Mestral noticed
burdock burrs
sticking to his
pet dog’s fur

-saiom shriver-

Footnote: the new science of biomimicry
18 divine seed designs
picture is of the tiny microscopic hooks of burdock burrs which were muses for Velcro


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