Multinationals Not Revealing Their Meat Sources

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Companies Hiding Sources OF Their Meats


11 companies who won’t give their meat sources… include Nestle’s, General Mills, Kraft


These conglomerates and
the companies they own
do not let the public know
which slaughterhouses and
factory farms are the sources
for their animal flesh.

This is only a partial list of the
companies owned by these conglomerates1. General Mills …
a. Progresso Soups
b. El Paso
c. Jeno’s
2. Bellisio
3. Kraft
a. Oscar Mayer
4. Nestle’s
a. DiGiorno
b. Tombstone (wellnamed)
c. Hot Pockets
5. Heinz
a. Bagel Bites
b. Smart Ones
c. Friday’s
d. Heinz pork and beans
e. Heinz pork sausages
6. Pinnacle
a. Stouffer’s
b. Hungry Man
c. Nalley
d. Armour… many meats
including sausages
7. ConAgra
a. Hebrew National
b. Slim Jim
c. Libby’s Vienna Sausages
d. Chef Boyardee
e. Marie Callender’s
8. Atkins**
9. Campbell’s
a. many soups
b. Prego
c. Bistro Brands
10. Hillshire Brands
a. Jimmy Dean
b. state Fair

11. Barefoot Contessa

Many of the above companies whose distribution of animal flesh is adding to world hunger through the least efficient use of acreage…. are sponsoring the so-called

**Dr Atkins and his foundation
are dovetailed financially with Duke University
and Smithfield, a major factory farm polluter.
Dr Atkins promoted the AMA-condemned high animal
protein diet which causes bleeding ulcers,
many kinds of cancers, strokes etc. Atkins
died of a cerebral stroke at the age of 71.

The which receives free airtime in the US is supported by the world’s

biggest slaughterhouse mongers: Cargill, ConAgra, General Mills, Kraft, etc.


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