A Deadly Pig Virus Has Killed As Many As 6 Million Pigs In the US, Canada And Mexico

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Factory farm conditions of filth are one of the factors in the development of this deadly virus which has killed millions of piglets in Canada, Mexico and the US. 27 states at present are affected, with the most in Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina and Illinois. Major media have not until now carried the story.
ABC Disney and Breitbart are blaming China for a pig virus while the world’s biggest pig producer is Smithfield of Virginia, with slaughterhouses and factory farms in Virginia, North Carolina, Mexico, the UK, Romania and Poland, with huge lagoons full of pig waste, dumping of toxic waste into rivers and the Chesapeake Bay causing brain infections and pfiesteria. ABC Disney is also falsifying the report of ‘epidemic porcine diarrhea’ by saying it does not spread to humans who eat the flesh of pigs.

As many as 6 million piglets have died, bringing the number of pigs captive in concentration
camps in the US to 63 million, while China kills 450 million of these mammals annually.

Rabobank (not ‘rob a bank’) says there will be a 7% decline in the number of pigs raised for slaughter this year.

It is because of known hazards of pig flesh through the centuries that Moslems and Jews, Buddhists and Hindus,
as well as some Christian denominations avoid pig flesh.

Some of hundreds of other diseases of pig flesh (zoonotic diseases) include

. trichinosis from trichinella worms
. porcine spongiform encephalopathy or Mad Pig Disease
. heart attacks, strokes, aneurisms and embolisms from pig fat
. homocysteine from the amino acids in pig flesh… chief cause of Alzheimer’s
. ecoli or colon bacteria from pig cadavers
. intestinal and other cancers
. arthritis and plaque from the uric acid or trioxypurine in pig flesh http://pcrm.org

‘It takes about six months for a hog to reach market weight ‘ writes ABC reminiscent of the witch
checking on Hansel and Gretel’s weights as she cages them for murder.

Meanwhile billionaires from Thiel to Bill Gates and Sergey Brin are investing in vegetarian alternatives to meat and Moslems have won a lawsuit which resulted in pig flesh elimination from Ohio prisons.

Robert F Kennedy speaking to the Polish Senate on the environmental hazards of Smithfield

See how pigs are treated in this video exposing the horror.

Billionaires investing in alternatives to meat


Moslems sue successfully to remove pig flesh from Ohio prisons


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-s shriver-


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